is a company and website dedicated to bitcoin cash and bitcoin core.

The website provides a variety of related services including a mobile wallet, a mining pool, cryptocurrency news and a crypto exchange among other features.

The domain and company are owned by Roger Ver and are registered in St. Kitts, in the Caribbean. Stephen Rust became the CEO of in 2019, while Ver acts as the company’s executive chairman.

Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto said in a 2010 bitcointalk forum post that he was aware of the domain when he was developing the project and that it was unrelated to his work.

Ver, an early industry investor, gained control of the domain in 2014 and leased it to China-based crypto exchange OKCoin in December of that year. The deal stipulated that OKCoin would redesign the site and that Ver would receive a portion of the site’s monthly revenue, the minimum amount of which was set at $10,000 per month.

However, in May 2015, OKCoin announced in a blog post that it would no longer manage the domain. The exchange cited a “contractual conflict” with Ver, and said that it could no longer make payments to him due to action that the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network had taken against Ripple Labs related to a transaction it had done with Ver.

More specifically, Ripple sold $250,000 worth of XRP to Ver, an investor in the company, despite the fact that he had a “three-count  federal felony conviction for dealing in, mailing, and storing explosive devices and had been sentenced to prison.”

In the blog post, OKCoin also alleged that its original contract with Ver was not, in fact, an “official contract” because it did not “detail the legal entity with which Mr. Ver entered into a contractual agreement with.” OKCoin also said that its record of the contract differed from the contract that Ver held.

In 2016, started their mining services and now offer multiple plans through their cloud mining contracts. They also offer a pool network for mining and hardware mining.  In 2017, released their wallet services, which supports both bitcoin cash and bitcoin. Wallet users are also able to purchase bitcoin and bitcoin cash using debit and credit cards.

In 2019, launched Local Bitcoin Cash, a peer-to-peer marketplace for bitcoin cash (BCH) which utilizes blind escrow contracts and does not require customers to input their personal information.