Antshares, rebranded to Neo in 2017, is an open-source, smart contract-focused blockchain platform launched in 2014 by Erik Zhang and Da HongFei. The project has claimed to be China’s first public blockchain.

Antshares launched in 2014 and secured a round of seed funding the same year. In 2015, it carried out an initial coin offering and raised 6,119 BTC. The following year, Antshares launched its mainnet and its ANS asset became available for purchase and trading on crypto exchanges, including US-based Bittrex.

In June 2017, Antshares announced that it would rebrand to Neo, and said that it had adjusted its plan for the future to focus on smart contracts, decentralized commerce, digital identity and digitizing assets. The name of the blockchain’s native asset changed from ANS to NEO in the third quarter of 2017. The new platform launched August 9th, 2017.