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So, you think it's just about ICOs?

In his new CoinDesk column, "The Token Economy," veteran journalist, MIT blockchain advisor, best-selling author and CoinDesk advisory board chair Michael J. Casey wants you to rethink what tokens and digital assets mean, not just for the blockchain industry but for the global economy.

The column is about big problems and big ideas, and the small steps that are being taken toward real solutions. Going beyond bitcoin and blockchain technology, Casey will explore how distributed ledgers - and the new breed of tokens that may power them - can enable a positive economic transformation if only we ask the right questions and understand the stakes.

Be sure to keep us bookmarked – we'll be updating weekly, examining critical questions to help you keep pace with the fastest-moving sector of the world's fastest-moving emerging technology.

Editor, Coindesk
Chairman, CoinDesk's Advisory Board

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