News stories on Ethereum , an ambitious project which provides a decentralised platform for applications to run on.

‘Already Live’: Signature Bank Is Moving Millions on a JPMorgan-Like Private, Dollar-Backed Cryptocurrency

| Ian Allison

While crypto-land is abuzz about JPMorgan’s plan to move dollars via blockchain, a smaller New York bank is already doing this.

Crypto Is Far From Dead, as These Scaling Projects Show

| Michael J Casey

Far from seeing the death of crypto, we may be entering its most exciting phase, argues Michael J. Casey.

Amber Baldet: Don’t Force Public Blockchains ‘Down Enterprises’ Throats’

| Ian Allison

Until there are well-designed privacy features for enterprise applications on public chains, it's premature for firms to use them, says Amber Baldet.

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Ethereum’s Big Switch: The New Roadmap to Proof-of-Stake

| Alyssa Hertig

Ethereum's developers are offering more clarity on how the network is preparing for its biggest change yet.

A Decentralized Mixer For Ethereum? Zcoin Is Working on It

| Corin Faife

A new project is seeking to combine ethereum's smart contract capabilities with the privacy afforded to the zcash blockchain.

5 Fast Facts on Ether, The Ethereum Token That’s Up 900% This Year

| Charles Bovaird

Five things you should know about ether, a cryptocurrency that surged in value during the first quarter of 2017.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

ICO Debate Exposes Rift in Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

| Michael del Castillo

Differences between EEA members at a public debate reveal how the group is growing and progressing.

Ethereum’s Ether Token Tops $60 to Set New All-Time High

| Stan Higgins

The price of ether, ethereum's native token, has hit a new all-time high, exceeding $60 for the first time ever.

Former Coinbase Engineer Launches Ethereum Search Engine

| Stan Higgins

A former software engineer for digital currency startup Coinbase has launched a new search engine for ethereum.

What’s Driving Ether Classic to All-Time Highs?

| Charles Bovaird

Ether classic's price reached an all-time high this week, amid robust transaction volume. We ask the experts why...