Avalon ASICs

Avalon are the first company to produce ASIC mining hardware for its customers and have also sold chips to resellers. Delivery issues have seen them lose reputation points and their early-adopter advantage to newer competitors.

Bitcoin Miner Canaan Raises $43 Million for Blockchain, AI Push

| Pete Rizzo

China-based Canaan Creative has raised $43m in a Series A round – the largest ever for a bitcoin mining business.

Avalon ASIC Chips

Bitcoin Hardware Maker Canaan Calls for Mining Industry Changes

| Pete Rizzo

One of the industry's largest mining chip manufacturers is weighing in on new controversy surrounding how miners engage with the network.


New Details Emerge on Bitcoin Firm Avalon’s $466 Million Pending Sale

| Stan Higgins

New details have emerged about the pending sale of Canaan Creative, the company that sells the Avalon series of bitcoin mining chips.

Maker of First Bitcoin Mining ASIC Acquired in What Could Be Industry’s Largest Sale

| Stan Higgins

The China-based company behind the first bitcoin mining ASIC has been acquired.

Avalon ASIC’s 40nm Chip to Bring Hashing Boost for Less Power

| Daniel Cawrey

Every bitcoin miner wants faster hashing at low power, and that's just what Avalon's new 40nm chip should deliver.

Tradehill open to holding more auctions as it grapples with regulation

| Danny Bradbury

Bitcoin exchange Tradehill is open to holding more mining equipment auctions after its success with first-generation Avalon ASIC units.

TerraHash bitcoin miner

TerraHash shuts down, bitcoin miners upset with 50% refund

| Danny Bradbury

Bitcoin miner manufacturer TerraHash has told Bitcointalk forum members that it is shuttering its doors. Customers are angry.

Avalon ASIC Chips

Avalon’s ASIC customers offered bitcoin refunds due to delivery delays

| Emily Spaven

Avalon ASIC has retracted its no-refunds policy after announcing delayed delivery of its chips.

New company Krater offers rigs built with Avalon ASICs either from its stock or yours

| David Gilson

Krater is offering a clone of the Avalon ASIC mining rig that contains up to 320 chips.

Terrahash Avalon chip

Bitcoin ASIC builder Terrahash changes refund policy and refuses customer

| David Gilson

Terrahash has changed its refund policy. The company's FAQ has been updated to say that all orders are final.