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Bitcoin Foundation Forms Committee to Create Bitcoin Unicode Symbol

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

The foundation is seeking volunteers for its Standards Committee, which will be tasked with finding bitcoin's Unicode symbol.

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Israeli VC Fund Offers $50k Bounty for Cost-Cutting AppCoin

| Stan Higgins

Venture capital fund Aleph announced the developer bounty for code to reduce transaction costs on its new Karma platform.

500 Million Dogecoins Mined by Unknown Hacker in Malware Attack

| Stan Higgins

The hacker used data hubs to mine $200,000 in dogecoin in an attack researchers called "unprecedented".

KnCMiner Unveils First 20nm Neptune Chips, Sets Shipping Date

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

Swedish cryptocurrency mining hardware developer KnCMinuter has received the first batch of its new 20nm ASICs.

Bit-Wallet Launches Italy’s First Home-Grown Bitcoin ATM

| Jon Southurst

A new brand of bitcoin ATM from Italy is tested and ready for shipping worldwide, says manufacturer Bit-Wallet.

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Winklevoss Price Ticker Makes Debut on Bloomberg

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

The WinkDex will also get a number of new features over the coming weeks, including an API.

How Block Chain Technology Could Usher in Digital Democracy

| Danny Bradbury

Could block chains facilitate Internet-based voting? Despite early promise, there are obstacles ahead. We Will Never Launch a 51% Attack Against Bitcoin

| Pete Rizzo

CEX.IO has issued a statement addressing the mining pool's growing size and influence over bitcoin's core infrastructure.

Will Industrial Mining Become the Next Big Bitcoin Investment Sector?

| Pete Rizzo

CoinDesk examines whether BitFury's latest $20m funding round will shape how investors approach bitcoin.

Mining Roundup: BBB Warning, Alpha Technology and a Pool Attack

| Daniel Cawrey

CoinDesk looks at the latest manufacturer updates, a BBB advisory and a pool attack.