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Polish Tax Authority: Bitcoin Mining Profits Subject to 23% VAT

| Jaroslaw Adamowski

A local tax authority made the statement following a request from a Polish bitcoin miner.

The Five Biggest Threats Facing Bitcoin

| Daniel Cawrey

CoinDesk looks at the biggest hurdles bitcoin needs to overcome before it can hit the mainstream.

Facebook-Integrated Wallet Makes Sending Bitcoin as Easy as Messaging

| Daniel Cawrey

QuickCoin's 'social wallet' allows simple bitcoin transactions between Facebook friends.

‘Watch Dogs’ Game Torrent May Be Infected with Crypto Mining Malware

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

Hackers may be employing a new clever tactic in an effort to enlist powerful PCs into cryptocurrency mining botnets.

What Dogecoin Must Do to Survive

| Tim Swanson

Tim Swanson analyses the dogecoin mining system and evaluates what the digital currency needs for its economy to thrive.

All Things Alt: Vertcoin Gets Hot, a Bitcoin-Backed Coin and a Crypto Confession

| Stan Higgins

A hot sauce maker has a new altcoin product while a new coin seeks to absolve your sins.

How True Anonymity Made Darkcoin King of the Altcoins

| Stan Higgins

CoinDesk talks with darkcoin developer Evan Duffield about the development and future of a truly anonymous digital currency.

Up Close With the New MultiBit HD Bitcoin Wallet

| Kadhim Shubber

At Bitcoin2014, MultiBit gave CoinDesk a hands-on preview of its newest wallet.

500 Developers Already Signed Up for MaidSafe Project

| Jon Southurst

A host of developers has registered to build applications and services for the company's encrypted and decentralized Internet platform.

Bitcoin and code

Coinbase Adds Bitcoin Payment Protocol For Safer Transactions

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

The bitcoin payments processor has added support for the BIP 70 protocol, designed to improve security and customer experience.