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Exchange Says 51% Attacker Returned $100K-Worth of Ethereum Classic

| Yogita Khatri

Cryptocurrency exchange said Saturday that $100,000 in ethereum classic has been returned following a recent 51-percent attack.

This $100K Luxury Swiss Watch Will Have a Built-In Crypto Wallet

| Yogita Khatri

A. Favre & Fils, a luxury Swiss watchmaker that traces its history back three centuries, is developing a mechanical timepiece with a built-in crypto…

Bitcoin Will Still Bite the Dust

| Kevin Dowd

Economic professor Kevin Dowd argues that bitcoin is like the Ford Model T and, while innovative, cannot survive in the long term.

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Web 3.0’s Crypto Winter Mission: Keep Our Heads Above the Hype

| Jutta Steiner

Despite the gloomy narratives, 2018 was hugely productive for teams building the decentralized web, says Parity's Jutta Steiner.

What to Expect When Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork Happens

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Ethereum's next system-wide upgrade, Constantinople, is expected to go live next week.

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Pablo Escobar’s Brother Says New Crypto Will Fund ‘Impeach Trump’ Effort

| Daniel Palmer

The brother of deceased drug lord Pablo Escobar has launched a cryptocurrency apparently targeting the impeachment of President Trump.

Seed CX Launches New Wallet Features for Institutional Clients

| Nikhilesh De

Seed CX is offering each of its customers their own unique wallet in hopes that this will throw up roadblocks for any malicious actors looking to…

The First Live Enterprise Blockchain Sets Sights on Every Area of Global Trade

| Ian Allison

Trade finance DLT platform is seeking partnerships with other networks, with TradeLens and Tradeshift as prime candidates.

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Beam Announces ‘Critical’ Vulnerability in Mimblewimble Crypto’s Wallet

| Christine Kim and Stan Higgins

The Beam privacy coin's development team announced a "critical" vulnerability discovered in its wallet software Wednesday, telling users to remove…

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Security Firm Asks Exchanges to Help It Find Ethereum Classic ‘Attacker’

| Christine Kim

Security firm SlowMist has come out with a public analysis of the latest chain attacks seen on ethereum classic.