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Community Rallies to Support Victims of Flooded Satoshi Forest

| Pete Rizzo

Heavy rains in Florida have resulted in damage to notable digital currency charity Sean's Outpost.

How Auroracoin is Forcing Digital Currency Discussion in Iceland

| Daniel Cawrey

Digital currency awareness is growing as Auroracoin closes in on passing 10% of its original distribution goal.

Robocoin to Rebrand Bitcoin ATMs as Online Bank Branches

| Pete Rizzo

Robocoin speaks to CoinDesk about its latest service updates, which take aim at the global remittance market.

Word Analysis Shows How Different Bitcoin and Dogecoin Fans Really Are

| Daniel Cawrey

Is the biggest difference between bitcoin and dogecoin enthusiasts the amount of generosity each group has?

Dogecoin Nascar front

Completed Nascar Racer is Stunning Promotion for Dogecoin

| Daniel Palmer

After a successful dogecoin fundraising campaign, Josh Wise's completed Ford is a great ad for the cryptocurrency.

Many Shibes and Much Talk at San Francisco Dogecoin Conference

| Daniel Cawrey

A dogecoin-themed conference held 25th April brought hundreds to hear from leaders in the altcoin industry.

How We Mined More Than 100,000 Dogecoins in One Week

| Roop Gill

As the first ASIC chip scrypt miners hit the market, we thought - Why not mine some altcoins?

All Things Alt: A Crypto Congress and a Birthday for Feathercoin

| Stan Higgins

We feature a mobile game that use caishencoins, and an altcoin modeled after a TV show.

The Vape Lab

Money Spinners: Robocoin Goes Global, Altcoins Join the Fun

| Jon Southurst

Bitcoin ATMs continue to grow in number. This week's roundup includes more exotic locales, unexpected events, and various altcoins.

Manchester Co-op Gets a Hand From Dogecoin to Smash Fundraising Target

| Roop Gill

An ethical coffee shop and creative space has received a helping hand from Manchester’s small dogecoin community.