Trusted IoT Alliance, conference

Day of Demos: Blockchain-IoT Consortium Kicks Off With Use Cases Aplenty

| Bailey Reutzel

At the Trusted IoT Alliance event on Thursday, a convergence between two nascent industries – blockchain and IoT – was apparent in a day of…

Blockchain Entrepreneurs Target Apple and Google at Token Summit

| Michael del Castillo

The Token Summit was held today, showcasing how a blockchain-based economy may be on the horizon with real-world applications that serve actual needs.

kik, messenger

ICOs Going Mainstream? Chat App Kik to Launch Token Sale

| Jonathan Keane

Messaging service Kik has revealed plans to launch its own cryptocurrency and ultimately create a new ecosystem for digital services.

How Blockchain Tech Could Move Self-Driving Cars Into the Fast Lane

| Bailey Reutzel

With autonomous cars on the horizon, blockchain startups are eagerly building IoT systems for the fledgling industry

Coinbase Today: Armstrong Talks Token, ICOs and Blockchain’s Netscape

| Pete Rizzo

CoinDesk's Pete Rizzo talks to Coinbase CEO and founder Brian Armstrong about the firm's plans and changes in the wider blockchain arena.

Wyre’s WeChat and Facebook Bot Authenticates Invoices on Ethereum

| Jonathan Keane

Blockchain startup Wyre has revealed a new bot for Facebook Messenger and WeChat that authenticates invoices on a public blockchain.

Consensus 2017: Decentralized Exchange 0x Wins Proof-of-Work Startup Competition

| Morgen Peck

0x took the top prize today in the second annual Proof of Work pitch competition at CoinDesk’s Consensus 2017 conference in New York.

Consensus 2017: Blockchain Tech Leaders Predict Interoperable Future

| Michael del Castillo

At Consensus 2017, leaders of different blockchain projects discussed how their platforms could eventually become an interoperable "mesh" of services.

Deloitte Joins Blockchain Consortiums Ethereum Alliance and Hyperledger

| Pete Rizzo

Deloitte has revealed that it's joining two blockchain consortium efforts: the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and the Hyperledger project.

ShapeShift Breaks New Ground With ‘Prism’ Digital Asset Portfolio Product

| Pete Rizzo

ShapeShift has unveiled a new product called 'Prism', one that brings a whole new style of investment to the cryptocurrency markets.