Distributed Ledger Technology


How Cryptocurrency Could Change the Sharing Economy

| Danny Bradbury

The sharing economy has huge latent value. Cryptocurrency could help unlock that potential, if we just gave it the chance.

SmartContract CEO Sergey Nazarov

New Blockchain Startup Brings Contracts into the Digital Age

| Daniel Cawrey

SmartContract is harnessing blockchain technology to create customisable contractual agreements that can be used by experts and newcomers alike.

Number field

Stellar Network Fork Prompts Concerns Over Ripple Consensus Protocol

| Stan Higgins

The Stellar network forked last week, leading to questions about the integrity of the Ripple consensus protocol upon which it is based.

Ripple Labs Partnership Brings Real-Time Transactions to Global Payments Hub

| Stan Higgins

Ripple Labs' new partnership with global payments services provider Earthport connects it to banks in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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Crypto 2.0 Roundup: Ethereum’s Counterparty Fork and a Vote for Colored Coins

| Pete Rizzo

Crypto 2.0 platforms Ethereum and Counterparty traded barbs in the media, while others aimed to take compliance efforts more seriously.


Factom Outlines Record-Keeping Network That Utilises Bitcoin’s Blockchain

| Stan Higgins

A Factom white paper outlines a way to prove the authenticity of records or other data on the blockchain.

Blockstream: $21 Million Funding Will Drive Bitcoin Development

| Pete Rizzo

Speaking to CoinDesk, Blockstream's Austin Hill and Adam Back discuss how they will mobilize their recent $21m in funding.

Decentralised apps DApps

Decentralised Apps Promise New Way of Doing Business Online

| Danny Bradbury

Decentralised apps may create value for their users with tokens that can be traded for contributions and services.


OneName Raises Seed Funding to Fuel Decentralized Identity Protocol

| Pete Rizzo

Open-source identity protocol OneName has announced a project development roadmap while revealing new details about its investors.

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Counterparty Ignites Debate With Ethereum Software Integration

| Pete Rizzo

Counterparty caused controversy yesterday when it announced it had ported open-source software from Ethereum.