bitcoin dark wallet

Shining a dim light on Dark Wallet

| Danny Bradbury

The person who brought you print-your-own-guns will soon bring you an easy-to-use bitcoin wallet. What's the connection?

TerraHash bitcoin miner

TerraHash shuts down, bitcoin miners upset with 50% refund

| Danny Bradbury

Bitcoin miner manufacturer TerraHash has told Bitcointalk forum members that it is shuttering its doors. Customers are angry.

money wallet

Armory and the monetization of bitcoin wallets

| Jon Matonis

Armory's recent $600,000 investment begs the question, how are bitcoin wallets going to monetize?


‘No-wallet’ bitcoin payment app Gliph gets $200k in funding

| Danny Bradbury

Mobile bitcoin wallet and secure messaging app Gliph has received $200,000 in funding towards its first seed round.

bitcoin difficulty graph

Bitcoin mining difficulty soars as hashing power nudges 1 Petahash

| Danny Bradbury

The bitcoin network is nudging 1 Petahash of hashing power. How quickly will it continue to grow?

KnCMiner speed increase bitcoin miner

KnCMiner offers free speed increase with first bitcoin miner shipments

| Emily Spaven

KnCMiner is offering a bonus speed increase to customers awaiting delivery of its Jupiter bitcoin mining rig.

Armory bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin wallet Armory raises $600k in seed funding

| Emily Spaven

Secure bitcoin wallet Armory has raised $600k in funding from a number of prominent investors.

Butterfly Labs COO responds to detractors amid company struggles

| David Gilson

CoinDesk spoke to BFL COO Josh Zerlan to talk about the delays, the Monarch ASIC and Bitcoin Forum complaints.

CoinTerra ASIC bitcoin miner

CoinTerra and HashFast flesh out ASIC miner product lines

| Danny Bradbury

CoinTerra and HashFast have both added new products to their portfolios as they battle for customer orders.

Robocoin screenshot

Robocoin bitcoin ATMs to be installed in Canada

| Danny Bradbury

Bitcoin ATMs are coming to five Canadian cities in the next three months.