computer row

Gaming Firm to Pay $1m for Secretly Using Customer PCs for Bitcoin Mining

| Richard Boase

Gaming company reaches $1m settlement with Attorney General after admitting to injecting bitcoin mining code into users' computers.

Litecoin Spikes to $200 Million Market Capitalization in Five Hours

| Richard Boase

Litecoin caught the market’s attention earlier this year when it spiked approximately 10,000% in a few weeks.

Travelers in an airport

Travelers Box Turns Leftover Foreign Currency Into Bitcoin at the Airport

| Kadhim Shubber

Weary travelers across the world will soon be able to convert their leftover change into bitcoin at the airport.

Bitcoin Wallet App Developer Hive Purchases Android App Bridgewalker

| Daniel Cawrey

Hive, a company that developed a stylized bitcoin wallet for Mac OS X, has acquired Android bitcoin app Bridgewalker.

KnCMiner sells $3 Million of bitcoin mining equipment in just four days

| Emily Spaven

KnCMiner sold a whopping $3m worth of bitcoin mining equipment over the course of just four days last week.

Is bitcoin broken? Gavin Andresen responds to mining vulnerability paper

| Richard Boase

Gavin Andresen today formally addressed the recent paper titled 'Majority is not enough: bitcoin mining vulnerable'.

Hackers steal $1.2m of bitcoins from web wallet service

| Richard Boase

Approximately $1.2m worth of bitcoin have been stolen from a wallet service intended to be high-security.

bitcoin mining vulnerability

Bitcoin mining network vulnerability ‘not a big deal’

| Richard Boase

A paper released yesterday suggested a major bitcoin vulnerability, but has been quick to draw dismissal from developers.

CoinLab’s Alydian files for bankruptcy and reveals debt of over $3.6 Million

| Emily Spaven

CoinLab's first incubator company Alydian has filed for bankruptcy after only launching three months ago.

RedFury 2.6GH USB miner now available

| Daniel Cawrey

Another USB-based bitcoin mining device has hit the market, with units from 0.52BTC.