Marc Andreessen Predicts Bitcoin Will Change Chip Design Forever

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreessen believes digital currencies will transform the way we design processors.

Singapore’s First Bitcoin ATM to Arrive in March

| Joon Ian Wong

A Singapore firm is planning to install the island's first bitcoin ATM within months.


CoinTerra Battles With Performance Issues and Security Breach

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

CoinTerra’s TerraMiner IV units are about 20% slower and consume 20% more power than originally promised.


100 Bitcoin ATMs to Land in Australia Soon

| Jon Southurst

Australian broadcaster ABC reports that a local company will import and install the ATMs across the country.


Hive’s Bitcoin Wallet is out of Beta for OS X Users

| Daniel Cawrey

The company's strategy is to build a bitcoin wallet that anyone can use, hassle-free.


Customer Trust is ‘Top Priority’ for Bitcoin Storage Firm Elliptic Vault

| Kadhim Shubber

Part of the company's effort to earn customer trust has been to engage heavily with the bitcoin community.

Robocoin ATMs

Robocoin Launches $10k Incentive Program to Promote Bitcoin ATMs

| Jon Southurst

Robocoin has announced a $10,000 incentive program for 'ambassadors' to sell and promote its two-way bitcoin ATMs.

Vancouver ATM Operator Wants to Leave Bitstamp Following Breakdown

| Joon Ian Wong

Vancouver's Robocoin ATM closed last weekend because its operator was unable to clear a backlog of Bitstamp buy orders.

cointerra goldstrike I pcb

CoinTerra Ships First Terahash Bitcoin Mining Rig

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

CoinTerra announced today it had finally started shipping its highly anticipated terahash-class TerraMiner IV professional mining rigs.

bitcoin, atm

Major UK Banks Face Backlash After Withdrawal Limits and Delays

| Pete Rizzo

Customers are reporting difficulty obtaining their cash due to contentious policy changes and service interruptions.