These Bitcoin Users Want DAI and DeFi – Here’s How They Plan to Get It

| Leigh Cuen

The Cross-Chain Working Group project will (almost) enable bitcoin transactions on ethereum, opening up a new world of interacting smart contracts.

Bitcoin’s Surging Dominance – Is This Time Really Different?

| Noelle Acheson

Bitcoin's share of the total crypto market is rising rapidly, but is that necessarily good news for the sector?

Samsung at Last Adds Bitcoin Support to Its Blockchain Phones

| Daniel Palmer

Samsung has added bitcoin to the developers' kit for its blockchain-enabled smartphones six months after launch.

adam, back, blockstream

Blockstream Launches Bitcoin Mining Farm With Fidelity as Early Customer

| William Foxley

Blockstream is further stepping into bitcoin mining with the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman as customers.

GitHub and Slack Bans Are Hurting Iranian Bitcoin Businesses

| Leigh Cuen

Iranian bitcoiners are showing the world what censorship resistance really looks like.

A Battle Between Bitcoin Wallets Has Big Implications for Privacy

| Christine Kim

Bitcoin privacy wallet Samourai announced last Thursday that its primary competitor, Wasabi Wallet, is the target of an ongoing network attack.


MIT-IBM AI Lab Analyzed 200,000 Bitcoin Transactions. Only 2% Were Labeled ‘Illicit’

| Leigh Cuen

Blockchain analytics firm Elliptic collaborated with researchers to analyze $6 billion worth of bitcoin transactions.

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Coders Are Trying to Connect Bitcoin’s Lightning Network to Ethereum

| Alyssa Hertig

Blockade Games says it has successfully bridged the two networks by sending a bitcoin lightning transaction to trigger an ethereum smart contract.

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Bitcoin Lightning Wallets Are Gaining Traction in 2019

| Leigh Cuen

Lightning usage is growing steadily in 2019, with several startups now offering retail-friendly wallets.

cory, fields, MIT

‘Building’ Bitcoin’s Software Just Got a Bit More Trustless

| Alyssa Hertig

There's a bit less trust now needed when developers compile the software at the heart of bitcoin.