‘Hard Core Fund’ Collects 50 BTC to Support Bitcoin Developers

| Leigh Cuen

This bitcoin evangelist is bridging the gap between the Asian mining industry and global open source developers.

Binance to Launch Bitcoin-Pegged Token on Its Own Blockchain

| Daniel Kuhn

Binance will issue a number of tokens pegged to leading cryptocurrencies on Binance Chain to boost the number of trading options on its platform.

Jack Dorsey Hints at How Square Crypto May Support Bitcoin’s Code

| Daniel Palmer

Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has revealed more details about the role Square Crypto might play in boosting bitcoin development.

lightning, bitcoin

A Protocol for Issuing Tokens Launches on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

| Leigh Cuen

The first protocol for issuing tokens via bitcoin’s lightning network is aimed to rival ethereum's ERC-20. But that's a tall order.

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Could Bitcoin’s Lightning Power Mobile Communications? This Startup Thinks So

| Alyssa Hertig

New research from mobile mesh networking company goTenna explores how bitcoin's lightning network can help decentralize mobile communications.

‘It Feels Like Family’: Bitcoiners Gather for Security Conference in Amsterdam

| Leigh Cuen

For Breaking Bitcoin 2019, technologists gathered in Amsterdam to explore the future of bitcoin.

Fraud-Fighting ‘Watchtowers’ to Arrive in Next Bitcoin Lightning Release

| Alyssa Hertig

So-called lightning network "watchtowers" -- a much-anticipated next step for securing the network -- are coming soon.

Michael Ford Named Newest Bitcoin Core Code Maintainer

| Alyssa Hertig

Long-time Bitcoin Core contributor Michael Ford has been named the newest maintainer of the open-source software project.

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100 Bitcoin Users Perform What Might Be Largest ‘CoinJoin’ Transaction Ever

| Alyssa Hertig

The startup behind the privacy-centric bitcoin app Wasabi Wallet recently brought together 100 people to collectively execute a "CoinJoin"…

Samourai, Nodl to Launch Bitcoin Lightning Node With Mixing Features

| Leigh Cuen

A new hardware partnership is helping the team behind Samourai Wallet extend their obsession with privacy to the world of bitcoin nodes.