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Coder Proposes Alternative to Bitcoin’s ‘Notoriously Unreliable’ Testnet

| Alyssa Hertig

Introduced Wednesday, a new proposal called Signet offers a fresh alternative to bitcoin's test network.

Sexual Misconduct Allegations Emerge Against Bitcoin Coder Peter Todd

| Leigh Cuen

New court filings have accused former Bitcoin Core contributor Peter Todd of sexual misconduct.

Cuba Libra? Island Nation Slowly Explores Cryptocurrency Options

| Leigh Cuen

Cuba highlights the difference between bitcoin and corporate token projects like Facebook's Libra.

Polkadot Tokens Valued at $75 Pre-Launch in Crypto ‘Futures’ Offering

| Leigh Cuen

They don't exist yet, but you can soon buy Polkadot tokens from CoinFLEX via a new mechanism: the initial futures offering (IFO).

Korea’s Biggest Credit Card Firm Wins Patent for Blockchain Credit System

| Daniel Palmer

Shinhan Card has been granted a patent for a blockchain payment system that could reportedly do away with physical credit cards.

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Bitcoin Could Help Stop News Censorship – From Space

| Alyssa Hertig

An advocacy group is testing out the idea that the combination of bitcoin and orbital communication can help fight news censorship.

ConsenSys HQ

ConsenSys May Finally Fix Its ‘Chaotic’ Employee Equity Situation

| Leigh Cuen

ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin is responding to employee complaints about how shares in the ethereum venture studio are doled out, sources say.

Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini Exchange May Join Facebook’s Libra Project

| Leigh Cuen

The Winklevoss twins might mend fences with Mark Zuckerberg through the Libra cryptocurrency project.

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Safety Without Silos: Why Businesses Will Learn to Love Public Ethereum

| John Wolpert

Enterprises are finally realizing that mainnet ethereum is a way to end decades of brittle, balkanized and bespoke system integration, writes John…

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Facebook’s Libra Lacks Foundational Components for Crypto Key Security

| Steven Sprague

After a review of documentation for the Libra protocol and its planned ecosystem, Steven Sprague believes Facebook left out key security components.