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The Crowd Machine Crypto Token Theft: What We Know So Far

| David Floyd

A crypto startup aiming to disrupt AWS has suffered a massive token theft. While few details are available, here's what we know and don't know.

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Up 13%: XRP Jumps By Double Digits for Second Time This Week

| Sam Ouimet

XRP is a standout performer today in the cryptocurrency market as its price boasts double-digit percent gains for the second time this week.

Bitcoin’s Price Swings to Nearly $6,500 in Volatile Trading Hour

| Sam Ouimet

Bitcoin's volatility was on full display Wednesday when its price swung in a dramatic fashion.

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Ether Just Erased Half of Last Week’s 35% Rally

| Sam Ouimet

The world's second-largest cryptocurrency, ether (ETH), erased half of last week's rally today amid a broader market sell-off.

Back Over $200 Billion: 3 Reasons Crypto Prices Could Be Heading Higher

| Sam Ouimet and Omkar Godbole

The cryptocurrency markets are rallying today with ether leading the pack. But will it last? Three signs give reasons for investors to be hopeful.

Below $50: Litecoin Price Clocks 12-Month Low

| Sam Ouimet

The price of litecoin (LTC) has nosedived to 12-month lows amid broad risk aversion in the crypto markets.

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RAM It All: Rising Costs Are Turning EOS Into a Crypto Coder’s Nightmare

| David Floyd

With lightning speeds and zero fees, EOS blows other blockchains out of the water for user experience. For developers, though, it's proving costly.

The Fight Over Masternodes: The WTF New Way to Earn Money With Crypto

| Brady Dale

There's a battle going on and it displays how popular masternodes have become. But wait, what's a masternode? And how can you earn money with one?

With Nearly $200 Million on the Line, EOS Is Building a Voting System

| David Floyd

A system for holding referenda on EOS is expected to launch soon. And that could release a huge pile of funds – or get rid of it.

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The Weirdest Prediction Markets on Augur Right Now

| David Floyd

Many have high hopes for ethereum-based prediction market Augur; others only seem interested in using it for some old-fashioned internet trolling.