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‘Ruff’ Month? Dogecoin’s Price Slid 36 Percent in October

| Sam Ouimet

The price of dogecoin fell over 36 percent in October, making it the worst performer out of the world's 25 largest cryptocurrencies.

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Bitfinex Took 630 Million Tether Out of Circulation After Drop Below $1

| David Floyd

Since tether lost parity with the U.S. dollar, its supply has dropped by a quarter as tokens flow back to the issuing company's "treasury" wallet.

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The Delicate Psychology of Stablecoins

| Michael J Casey

Replacing tether's role in the crypto markets will require an obsession with maintaining transparency and trust.

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How Savvy Crypto Traders Gamed Coinbase’s Latest Listing for a 35% Payday

| Sam Ouimet

It's possible to know what cryptocurrencies are going to be listed on Coinbase before it goes public.

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The Crypto Protocol Trying to Unite Every Exchange Order Book

| Brady Dale

Imagine the liquidity of every crypto exchange, but in one giant pool. That's what Paradigm aims to build, and investors are on board.

EOS Argentina

EOS’ Grand Governance Experiment Has a New Enemy: China’s Great Firewall

| David Floyd

English or Mandarin? Telegram or WeChat? EOS is finding governance isn't just about code.

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Crypto Prediction Market Augur Is Gearing Up for Its First Major Upgrade

| David Floyd

Can a "faster, better, cheaper" Augur attract the user base it needs in order to succeed?

Melonport Co-Founder Joins the Decentralized Crypto Exchange Race

| Anna Baydakova

Melonport co-founder Reto Trinkler is joining an increasingly crowded field with the launch of Agora Trade, a decentralized crypto exchange.

Up 80%: XRP’s September Wasn’t Just Bullish, It Was Record-Setting

| Sam Ouimet

XRP broke records in September and was the best performer out of the world's 25 largest cryptocurrencies.

This Meme Marketplace Uses Dummy Tokens to Draw Users in a Bear Market

| Brady Dale

Even before its protocol is live, District0x's Meme Factory has engaged its community in blockchain governance with a meme contest and fake tokens.