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$20k Bitcoin? Changing Charts Favor Crypto Rivals

| Omkar Godbole

A look at bitcoin's value across various crypto trading pairs suggests a substantial push higher might not be likely in the short term.

More to Come? Bitcoin Sets Record High Near $18k

| Omkar Godbole

Having successfully defended $16,000 earlier this week, bitcoin regained bid tone today and clocked a fresh record high above $17,800.

Bitcoin Looks Lower In Chase for ‘Small Cap’ Gains

| Omkar Godbole

Soon after an all-time-high above $17,630 on the CoinDesk's price index, bitcoin prices are starting to look towards sub-$16,000 levels.

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Here Come the Bogus Bitcoin Scare Tactics

| Steven Hopkins

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are dominating the media, but Overstock's Steve Hopkins suggests talking points to counter the scaremongering.

Bitcoin Price Dilemma: Bull and Bear Paths in Play

| Omkar Godbole

Bitcoin may be at all-time highs, but it's also at a potentially key crossroads for its price, chart data shows.

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Bitcoin Futures Codes: How to Read Them And What They Mean

| Lanre Sarumi

So you want to trade bitcoin futures? First, learn the Chicago exchanges' highly counterintuitive naming system for monthly contracts.

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Bitcoin Bulls Face ‘Alt’ Competition in Push to $20k

| Omkar Godbole

The price of bitcoin may be at all-time highs, but a wave of new investors could quickly tilt the market dynamic, analysis suggests.

Bitcoin Investing: A 10,000-Year View

| Willy Woo

Far from a bubble, bitcoin is on the path to becoming a significant part of global money supply, according to trader and analyst Willy Woo.

Bitcoin Isn’t Sapping Demand for Gold, Says Goldman Sachs Exec

| Sujha Sundararajan

A Goldman Sachs executive has said there is "no evidence" that bitcoin's price gains have reduced demand for gold.

No Stopping? After New High, Bitcoin Price Eyes $20k

| Omkar Godbole

Following yesterday's all-time high, bitcoin bulls look set to push prices as high as $20,000 over the next few days.