Initial Coin Offerings

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Blockstack Counterattacked a Phishing Attempt on Its ICO

| Brady Dale

When phishing sites tried to con investors during its recent ICO, Blockstack used its tech expertise to turn the tables on the tricksters.

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Tokenized Fund-of-Funds to Raise $100 Million Via ICO

| Brady Dale

A new tokenized fund-of-funds was announced yesterday that aims to raise up to $100 million via an initial coin offering.

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New Zealand Watchdog Warns Investors Over Marketplace ICO

| Nikhilesh De

New Zealand's financial markets watchdog has warned citizens from investing in an initial coin offering for an online marketplace.

ICO Manifesto

ICO Mania Has Calmed Down a Bit – And That’s Not So Bad

| Brady Dale

While there's plenty of evidence that ICOs are alive and well, attitudes from investors and entrepreneurs appear to be hardening.

TechCrunch Founder Arrington Raising $100 Million XRP Fund

| Pete Rizzo

TechCrunch founder and Silicon Valley staple Michael Arrington has announced his newest venture – an XRP-denominated crypto hedge fund.

Ex-SEC Lawyer Predicts ‘Assembly Line’ for ICO Enforcement

| Brady Dale

A former lawyer for the SEC discusses the way forward for ICO regulation, warning that an "assembly line" of actions could be on the way.

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Are Tokens Like Gold? Attorneys Ask Tough Questions on ICOs

| Brady Dale

The SEC and the CFTC? A panel of top ICO lawyers discussed pressing legal challenges in the sector on Tuesday.

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Hybrid ICO? Overstock’s tZERO to Build Services Into Security Token

| Michael del Castillo

Overstock subsidiary tZERO is adding features to its upcoming security token, allowing investors to use the coin to purchase a handful of services.

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Report Warns SAFT May Increase Legal Risk of Token Sales

| Marc Hochstein

Making ICOs compliant while delivering on their disruptive promise may be a harder needle to thread than the SAFT plan anticipates, a new paper says.

TGEs or ICBMs? Words Might Not Matter for ICOs

| Brady Dale

The hottest industry term in cryptocurrnecy is proving a doubled-edged sword for the entrepreneurs seeking to enter the market.