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Not Just Bitcoin: The Top 7 Cryptocurrencies All Gained in 2016

| Frederick Reese

CoinDesk contributor Frederick Reese gives an overview of trends in the digital currency and digital asset markets during 2016.

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Classic and the DAO: What Drove Ether Prices in 2016

| Charles Bovaird

A look back at the price of ether during some of the major moments of 2016.

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Ethereum Classic Price Surges By Over 30%

| Charles Bovaird

Ethereum classic (ETC) made a comeback this week, enjoying a surge in both price and hashrate after successive roadblocks.


What Investors Should Know Before Trading Zcash

| Charles Bovaird

Thinking of investing in Zcash? Here's what you need to know about the new, privacy-focused digital currency.

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Bitcoin Builds Support Above $700 But 2016 High Proves Elusive

| Charles Bovaird

This week, bitcoin prices neared the annual high reached in June, while it was mixed news for other cryptocurrencies.

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CoinDesk Research: Ethereum Hard Fork Had Little Impact on Sentiment

| Bradley Miles

CoinDesk Research reveals the results of an survey gauging enterprise and entrepreneur perception of the emerging blockchain platform ethereum.

Bitcoin fees

Building a Better Bitcoin Fee Market

| Jameson Lopp

Bitcoin may now have a fee market, but that reality doesn't mean the network has optimized for this environment, developer Jameson Lopp argues.

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Lightning’s Balancing Act: Challenges Face Bitcoin’s Scalability Savior

| Jameson Lopp

What tech challenges face the bitcoin Lightning Network? Jameson Lopp analyzes in this in-depth feature piece.

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73% of Finance Pros Think Blockchain Tech Can Thrive Without Bitcoin

| Stan Higgins

A new survey suggests that many finance professionals see a bright future for the blockchain – just not one involving bitcoin.


Bitcoin on the Dark Web: The Facts

| Grace Caffyn

Just how much do we know about new underground economies? Here's what available data can tell us about bitcoin on the Dark Web.