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Bitcoin’s 2019 Price Run Driven By Real Transaction Growth, Analysis Shows

| Sam Ouimet

Bitcoin's TAAR (transaction amount to active addresses ratio) is hovering around 7-month highs, potentially adding a fundamental validation to…

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Google Searches for ‘Bitcoin’ Hit Highest Total Since November

| Sam Ouimet

Google searches for "bitcoin" jumped to its highest level on Tuesday since Nov. 20, 2018 as the cryptocurrency surged above $5,000 on most exchanges.

State of Blockchains: Bitcoin (BTC) Fees

| Peter Ryan

Transaction fees make the bitcoin blockchain go round. The miners are compensated for their efforts, not only through inflationary block rewards but…

Botnets Are Being Repurposed for Crypto Mining Malware: Kaspersky

| Aditi Hudli

A security bulletin released by Kaspersky Labs states that botnets are increasingly being used to distribute illicit crypto mining software.

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Beyond Price: Why We Need a Better Way to Value Crypto Assets

| Michael J Casey

Institutional investors must set aside dollar-centric valuation models and recognize that value is a different concept in the crypto world.

CoinDesk Launches the Crypto-Economics Explorer, A New Way to Visualize Crypto

| Nolan Bauerle

CoinDesk is pleased to announce the launch of our new data product, the Crypto-Economics Explorer.

analysis, charts

What Bitcoin Traders Should Know: Fundamental Analysis

| Charles Bovaird

While there are many different methods for evaluating the price of bitcoin, fundamental analysis may be the most valuable.

Q1’s Top Performing Cryptocurrencies Saw Big Gains

| Garrett Keirns

The first quarter of 2017 saw dramatic price gains for the top cryptocurrencies, as the total market added nearly $7bn in value.

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Follow the Leader: Analyzing Cryptocurrency Price Correlations

| Charles Bovaird

Is there a correlation between the price movements of bitcoin and other digital currencies? CoinDesk dives into these relationships.

Using Google Trends to Estimate Bitcoin’s User Growth

| Willy Woo

Trader Willy Woo takes a look at how common search tools like Google Trends can yield insight into long-term bitcoin trading strategies.