Coinbase is a popular bitcoin startup based in San Francisco. It offers several services to US customers, including bitcoin wallets and merchant payment processing systems.

Why Coinbase’s Move Into Proof-of-Stake Matters

| Leigh Cuen

Exchanges like Coinbase are stepping into the market for proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies, but will they boost engagement or centralize power?

$255 Million: Coinbase Confirms Extent of Crypto Insurance Coverage

| Ian Allison

Coinbase has revealed the details of its $255 million insurance policy for crypto held on customers' behalf.

Fred Ehrsam

Coinbase Leads Wall Street to Brave New World of Crypto Staking

| Ian Allison

Coinbase Custody has launched staking services for institutional clients, starting with Tezos and touting 6.6 percent yields.

Coinbase Says It Never Shared ‘Personally Identifiable’ Customer Data

| Leigh Cuen

The Coinbase reputation crisis continues, this time with questions related to how the company plans to use customer data.

Fred Ehrsam

Coinbase Pushes Out Ex-Hacking Team Employees Following Uproar

| Wolfie Zhao

Coinbase is parting ways with Neutrino employees who worked at Hacking Team following a customer backlash.

What Coinbase Needs to Learn from the Neutrino Scandal

| Michael J Casey

Once you have to trust someone, it really does matter who they are, as Coinbase's recent PR debacle illustrates.

Fred Ehrsam

Angry Bitcoin Fans Delete Coinbase Accounts to Protest Neutrino Acquisition

| Leigh Cuen

Upset Coinbase users are closing their accounts after the crypto exchange acquired an analytics startup with a controversial past.

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Coinbase Acquires Blockchain-Tracking Startup Neutrino for Undisclosed Price

| Leigh Cuen

Coinbase has acquired blockchain analytics startup Neutrino as part of a push to offer more diverse crypto assets.

Coinbase Exchange Users Can Now Withdraw Bitcoin Cash Fork BSV

| Sam Ouimet

The largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has allowed its users to withdraw BSV three months after the hard fork.

Coinbase Just Paid a $30K Bounty for the Discovery of Critical Bug

| Daniel Palmer

San Francisco-based crypto exchange desk Coinbase has just forked out a $30,000 bounty to the finder of a critical bug in its systems.