The Maki Wrap store in Lyon

French Sushi Shop Now Accepts Bitcoin

| Kadhim Shubber

Bitcoiners in Lyon, France, can now spend their digital currency on sushi rolls, smoothies and salads.

Online payment network Ripple Labs receives $3.5 Million in new funding

| Emily Spaven

Decentralised online payment network Ripple Labs has received a further $3.5m in funding.

Bitcoin-accepting Subway sandwich shop discovered in the US

| Kadhim Shubber

An American Subway sandwich store is the second in the world to accept bitcoin payments.

shopify accepts bitcoin

Shopify officially integrates bitcoin as a payment option for its 70,000+ merchants

| Jon Southurst

Popular e-commerce platform Shopify announced earlier today it would add a bitcoin payment option for its sellers.

The Netherlands’ biggest food delivery network now accepts bitcoin

| Richard Boase

Holland's 10th biggest online retailer has just announced it is now accepting payment in bitcoins.

Subway sandwich shop in Russia now accepting bitcoin payments

| Kadhim Shubber

In Russia and fancy a Subway? You can now use bitcoin to pay for it, and get 10% off.

Bitcoin helps Iranian shoe store overcome international trade sanctions

| Jon Southurst

An Iranian e-commerce site selling handmade shoes accepts only bitcoin, attempting to avoid stringent trade restrictions.

Australian car company Tomcar now sells off-road vehicles for bitcoins

| Danny Bradbury

Car manufacturer Tomcar Australia claims to be the first automobile vendor to accept bitcoin.

Farmers help bitcoin grow organically in Argentina

| David Gilson

Organic farmers in Argentina are finding bitcoin to be a compelling solution when selling their produce.

Coinkite and Virtex trial bitcoin debit cards and POS terminals

| Danny Bradbury

Debit cards will soon allow you to pay for goods in fiat currency converted directly from bitcoins.