Supply Chain

Leading Auction House Christie’s to Record Art Sales on a Blockchain

| Yogita Khatri

Christie's auction house is launching a pilot program to record art sales and provenance on a blockchain.

US Customs Agency Hopes to Evaluate Blockchain Pilot by December

| Nikhilesh De

Representatives from U.S. Customs and Border Protection say they hope to evaluate its blockchain tech trial and produce recommendations by December.

Citizens Reserve Partners With Comcast-Backed Blockchain Startup

| Nikhilesh De

Citizens Reserve is partnering with Blockdaemon to launch tools enabling rapid blockchain node deployment for its customers.

Farm, Food

IBM’s Food Blockchain Is Going Live With a Supermarket Giant on Board

| Ian Allison

IBM is taking its food-tracking blockchain into production and has already signed up European supermarket giant Carrefour.

Overstock’s Medici Ventures Invests in Wine-Tracking Blockchain Startup

| Anna Baydakova

Medici Ventures, the blockchain accelerator arm of, has made a seven-figure investment in wine-tracking startup VinX.

Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work Can Be Made More Efficient, IBM Research Claims

| Ian Allison

Scientists from IBM Research claim they've found a way to reshape blockchain architectures for energy-constrained internet of things devices.

Two of Blockchain’s Biggest Consortiums Just Joined Forces

| Ian Allison

The Hyperledger Project and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) have agreed to collaborate on bringing common standards to the blockchain space.


AT&T Launches Blockchain Solutions Targeting Supply Chain and Healthcare

| Daniel Palmer

The world's largest telecoms firm, AT&T, has launched a suite of blockchain services targeting diverse industries.

US Dairy Farmers to Trial Blockchain in Bid to Track Milk Products

| Nikhilesh De and Aditi Hudli

The Dairy Farmers of America will trial a blockchain platform to track milk products, the company announced Tuesday.

UN Food Program to Expand Blockchain Testing to African Supply Chain

| Anna Baydakova

The U.N. World Food Programme plans to test blockchain for tracking food delivery in East Africa, following a refugee aid pilot in Jordan.