Coinfloor UK bitcoin exchange

UK bitcoin exchange Coinfloor opens for business

| Danny Bradbury

New UK bitcoin exchange Coinfloor is banking on watertight KYC rules and constant contact with regulators.

Bitmit is still the eBay of bitcoin despite setbacks

| Jon Southurst

The "eBay of bitcoin", Bitmit, remains popular with sellers and buyers despite uncertainty over its future and occasional downtime.

Coinbase aims to be the Gmail of bitcoin

Coinbase aims to become the Gmail of bitcoin

| Danny Bradbury

Coinbase is like a bubble inside bitcoin, with extra, value-added features. But what about regulation?

First Australian photography studio to accept bitcoin offers 50% discount

| Daniel Cawrey

A Sydney-based photography service is offering a bargain introductory rate for customers willing to pay in bitcoin.

Accepted here: introducing the bitcoin neon sign

| Daniel Cawrey

Bitcoin neon signs have arrived. It just got a lot easier to see who accepts bitcoin.

Coinbase launches iOS app to buy, sell and send bitcoin

| Daniel Cawrey

Bitcoin digital wallet and payment processor Coinbase has launched a mobile app platform on Apple iOS devices.

Bitmarkers bitcoin gambling casino

Bitmarkers wants to move money in bitcoin for in-casino gambling

| Daniel Cawrey

Bitmarkers wants to make it easy for gamblers using brick-and-mortar casinos to move money in bitcoin.

SoftTouch POS helps restaurants turn bitcoins into dollars

| Jon Southurst

Restaurant electronic solutions maker SoftTouch POS is integrating bitcoin into its flagship point-of-sale payment system.

Win bitcoins by betting on the hash rate with Futureblock

| Daniel Cawrey

Futureblock is enabling people to bet on the volatility of the bitcoin network hash rate.

Tradehill open to holding more auctions as it grapples with regulation

| Danny Bradbury

Bitcoin exchange Tradehill is open to holding more mining equipment auctions after its success with first-generation Avalon ASIC units.