Coinkite and Virtex trial bitcoin debit cards and POS terminals

| Danny Bradbury

Debit cards will soon allow you to pay for goods in fiat currency converted directly from bitcoins.

eBay president John Donahoe: PayPal may accept bitcoin in the future

| Emily Spaven

The president of eBay has revealed his company is preparing to expand the range of digital currencies it accepts.

First bar to accept bitcoin arrives in China

| Jon Southurst

Beijing bar 2nd Place has become the first in China to accept bitcoin.

Dark Wallet launches crowdfunding campaign

| Emily Spaven

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for the anarchic Dark Wallet project.

Big names’ big bitcoin bet, bugs bite bright idea, and forgetful fjord fellow finds fame

| John Law

Circle receives $9m, a major flaw is detected in Namecoin and a forgetful Norwegian gets rich.

South American startup Moneero creates SMS bitcoin payment system

| Daniel Cawrey

A startup based in Uruguay is looking to make bitcoin easier to use via the widely used SMS platform.

Jeremy Allaire, Circle

Taking bitcoin to a whole new level: Jeremy Allaire reveals all about Circle

| Emily Spaven

Jeremy Allaire tells us about Circle and what he plans to do with the bitcoin company's $9m investment.

circle, mike hearn, michele burns

Circle launches with $9 Million from Jim Breyer, Accel and General Catalyst in biggest ever bitcoin funding

| Emily Spaven

Circle announced today it has raised $9m to bring easy-to-use bitcoin payment services to businesses and consumers. user wins 10 BTC for opening site’s 500,000th bitcoin wallet

| Emily Spaven has given 10 BTC to the person who opened the 500,000th bitcoin wallet on the site.

Bitcoin ATM launched in Canada

Robocoin launches bitcoin ATM in Vancouver

| Daniel Cawrey

Robocoin has launched the first bitcoin ATM in Vancouver, aiming to get bitcoin to the masses.