Microsoft Looks to Trusted Computing for Blockchain Security Boost

| Christine Kim

The phrase "trusted execution environment" is identified in two Microsoft patent applications to be a key component in future blockchain projects.

Researchers Discover Huge Crypto Scam Botnet on Twitter

| Daniel Palmer

Researchers have uncovered a large botnet that mimics legitimate accounts on Twitter to spread a cryptocurrency "giveaway" scam.

Goldman Sachs Is Reportedly Weighing a Crypto Custody Service

| Daniel Palmer

Having launched bitcoin futures trading in May, Goldman Sachs is now pondering the launch of a cryptocurrency custody service, according to a report.

Banking Giant Trials Blockchain for Issuance of Land-Backed Loans

| Wolfie Zhao

One of the "Big Four" commercial banks in China has completed the issuance of a loan worth $300,000 using a blockchain system. 

fish hooks phishing

Google Yanked MetaMask From the Chrome Store, Left a Phishing Scam Up

| David Floyd

Scams are an epidemic in the crypto space, and clumsy actions by big tech companies can open up the opportunities, as MetaMask learned recently.

Thailand Is Planning a ‘Bond Coin’ for Faster Securities Settlement

| Wolfie Zhao

A self-regulatory organization in Thailand is planning to create a custom token aimed to speed up corporate bond settlement in the country.

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$13.5 Million Hack Ignites Fresh Debate Over Crypto Project Bancor

| Anna Baydakova

The security breach of a well-funded blockchain project renewed critiques against its technology this week.

BitGo Adds 57 Ethereum Tokens In Largest-Ever Custody Service Expansion

| Leigh Cuen

Bitcoin veterans are jumping into the token economy with new licenses and custody options.

The Russian Military Is Building a Blockchain Research Lab

| Muyao Shen

The Russian Ministry of Defense is launching a blockchain research lab to examine how to combat cybersecurity threats.

Sex Workers Are Using Crypto to Save for Retirement

| Leigh Cuen

Rather than simply an expedient way for porn performers and other sex workers to get paid, crypto has become a part of their retirement savings plan.