Israel’s Securities Watchdog Builds Blockchain Into Its Messaging Tool

| Daniel Palmer

Israel's securities regulator has launched a blockchain-based messaging system in a bid to improve security and fight fraud.

IBM Wins Patent for Blockchain-Based Network Security System

| Nikhilesh De

A newly published IBM patent proposes bolstering network security by monitoring potential network intrusions on a blockchain.

Google Moves to Protect Chrome Users From Cryptojacking and Hacks

| Daniel Palmer

Google is bringing in stricter rules for Chrome extension developers, a move should reduce the risk of crypto hacks and mining malware.

bots robots bot net

Blockchain Startups Aim to Kill the Captcha With a New Anti-Bot Protocol

| David Floyd

Datawallet and Enigma have partnered to create an alternative to all those annoying captchas – and hopefully reduce the prevalence of bot nets.

Report Finds Cryptojacking Instances Jumped 400% In A Year

| Aditi Hudli

A report by a group of cybersecurity researchers found that cryptojacking instances jumped more than 400 percent in a year.

Novel Botnet Hunts Down and Destroys Crypto Mining Malware

| Daniel Palmer

A newly discovered botnet is seeking out and removing crypto-mining malware, but why it has been created is still unknown.

Deloitte: Tech and Telecom Execs Plan to Invest Millions in Blockchain

| Nikhilesh De

Deloitte said in a new report that telecommunication companies can use blockchain to improve a number of services and security functions.

A Canadian Government Body Has Built an Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

| Muyao Shen

The National Research Council of Canada is using IPFS to host an ethereum blockchain explorer for grants and contributions.

US Government Grants $800K to Blockchain Researchers

| Nikhilesh De

Researchers at the University of California–San Diego will receive more than $800,000 to develop a distributed ledger to store scientific data.

30% of UK Firms Hit by Crypto Mining Malware in a Month: Survey

| Daniel Palmer

Almost a third of U.K. businesses said they had been hit by cryptocurrency mining malware within the previous month, according to new research.