Thailand Trials Central Bank Digital Currency for Interbank Settlement

| Wolfie Zhao

Thailand's central bank is examining how a blockchain-based digital currency could make interbank settlement both faster and cheaper.

Ripple Smart Contracts Creator Targets Ethereum with New Tech Launch

| David Floyd

Three years after Ripple shelved Codius, Stefan Thomas is bringing the smart contract platform back to life with his eyes set on disrupting Ethereum.

Telecoms Giant Wants to Move Mobile Data Top-Ups to a Blockchain

| Wolfie Zhao

China Mobile, one of China's three state-owned telecoms giants, is exploring moving part of its mobile data business to a distributed ledger.

Money Transfer Firms Join Ripple’s Payment Network

| Sujha Sundararajan

Two money transfer firms are to open a new payments corridor using RippleNet, while a Kuwaiti bank has also signed up to use the service.

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British FX Firm Currencies Direct Pilots Ripple Tech

| Nikhilesh De

Foreign exchange brokerage Currencies Direct successfully completed several international transfers using Ripple's xRapid product.

Payments Platform Uphold Completes XRP Ledger Integration

| Nikhilesh De

Digital payments startup Uphold has completed its integration with the XRP ledger, it announced Thursday.

Commerzbank Conducts €500k FX Transaction Using R3’s Corda

| Nikhilesh De

Thyssenkrupp successfully conducted a foreign exchange transaction using R3's Corda blockchain in partnership with Germany's Commerzebank.

AmEx Upgrades Rewards Program with Hyperledger Blockchain

| Nikhilesh De

American Express announced a blockchain-based loyalty rewards program using Hyperledger's technology.

Thai Bank Pilots Cross-Border Transaction Using Blockchain

| Nikhilesh De

Thailand's Bank of Ayudhya successfully piloted a cross-border transaction using its own blockchain interledger, it announced Tuesday.

Rural Banks Tap Kaleido Blockchain for Faster Transactions

| Wolfie Zhao

Rural banks in the Philippines are looking to adopt ConsenSys' Kaleido blockchain platform in bid to boost financial inclusion.