Ripple Report: XRP Sales Dropped 56% in Q2, But Customer Base Grew

| Nikhilesh De

Ripple's sales of the XRP cryptocurrency fell 56 percent to $73.53 million in Q2, but the firm gained more customers, its latest report says.

Lufthansa, SAP Competition Seeks Ideas for Blockchain in Aviation

| Wolfie Zhao

Lufthansa has partnered with software giant SAP to launch a blockchain competition seeking ideas for blockchain applications in the airline industry.

US Consumer Finance Watchdog Opens Regulatory Sandbox to Blockchain

| Nikhilesh De

The CFPB is launching a regulatory sandbox to encourage innovation in new tech such as blockchain, acting head Mick Mulvaney announced Wednesday.

What to Expect When Congress Talks Crypto (Twice) Tomorrow

| Nikhilesh De

Two Congressional committee hearings will examine whether crypto is the future of money, as well as what sort of regulation the space may need.

Litecoin’s Lee: Bank Deal Might Lead to New Crypto Services

| Nikhilesh De

Charlie Lee took to reddit Tuesday to clarify his and the Litecoin Foundation's roles in the new acquisition of nearly 10 percent of a German bank. 

Mastercard Wins Patent for Speeding Up Crypto Payments

| Christine Kim

Mastercard is looking to improve crypto by designing a payments system that will link accounts holding both fiat currency and cryptocurrencies.

GMO’s New Internet Bank Will Settle Payments With Blockchain

| Daniel Palmer

Japanese digital services firm GMO Internet has just launched a new web bank that it says will soon use blockchain to facilitate payments.

American Express Thinks Blockchains Could Help Prove Payments

| Christine Kim

Credit card giant American Express may be looking into developing a new proof-of-payment (PoP) system based on blockchain technology.

Russians Indicted for US Election Hacks Used Bitcoin to Fund Operations

| Nikhilesh De

Twelve Russian officials indicted for hacking into Democratic National Committee email accounts allegedly used cryptocurrencies, the DOJ announced.

Litecoin Foundation Acquires 9.9% of Bank in Payments Partnership

| Wolfie Zhao

Litecoin Foundation, the non-profit behind the popular cryptocurrency, says it now owns part of a German bank thanks to a new deal with TokenPay.