Crypto Valley Declares Blockchain Voting Trial a ‘Success’

| Muyao Shen

Zug, home of the "Crypto Valley" in Switzerland, has successfully completed its first test of a blockchain-based voting system.

Major Banks, Regulators Trial ‘Know Your Customer’ App on R3’s Corda

| Muyao Shen

Around 40 participants have trialed a "self-sovereign" know-your-customer application that gives customers more control over their data.

funhouse mirrors identity

In the Scramble to Fix Digital Identity, uPort Is a Project to Watch

| David Floyd

Digital identity is scattered and insecure. ConsenSys' uPort project wants to rework the internet to make "self-sovereign identity" a reality.

Sweden’s Land Registry Demos Live Transaction on a Blockchain

| Christine Kim

Swedish Land Registry and Blockchain project have concluded their third phase of testing with a full demonstration.

Korean Banks Can Use Blockchain to Verify Customer IDs from July

| Wolfie Zhao

A national banking group from South Korea is to roll out a blockchain-based ID verification system for domestic banks next month.

KODAKCoin Inks Arena Partnership to Store NBA, NHL Photos

| Christine Kim

Created by WENN Digital, KODAKOne and the KODAKCoin is announced to launch at 6 major OVG sports venues reaching over 10 million fans per year.

Mastercard Looks to Blockchain to Make Coupons Immutable

| Stan Higgins

A patent application from Mastercard suggests that the payments giant is eyeing blockchain as part of a way to verify the authenticity of coupons.

The Auto Industry Is Gearing Up for a Blockchain-Powered Future

| Ian Allison

Automotive executives are starting to wake up to the use cases of blockchain in the industry, but there's a way to go.

Social Network Adopts Civic’s Blockchain ID System

| Annaliese Milano

Civic has launched a decentralized identity verification system, and crypto social network platform Hilo is the first to use it.

This Crypto Vending Machine Can Tell If You’re 21 And Sell You Beer

| Pete Rizzo

Blockchain technology startup Civic will demo how its ID verification services can be used to purchase alcohol via vending machines at Consensus 2018.