R3’s Hearn and Brown Say Enterprise Blockchain’s Day of Reckoning Is Here

| Ian Allison

Bitcoin apostate Mike Hearn and his R3 colleague Richard Gendal Brown view the enterprise blockchain game as, if not quite zero-sum, something close.

Gemalto Taps R3 Tech for Blockchain Identity Pilot

| Daniel Palmer

Digital security firm Gemalto is teaming up blockchain startup R3 to pilot a new platform aimed to bring digital identities closer to the mainstream.

Local Officials in Ohio Seek Proposals for Blockchain Identity Trial

| Nikhilesh De

Dublin, Ohio wants to develop a prototype blockchain platform that will serve as a decentralized voting and identity system.

Australian State Pilot Puts Driver’s Licenses on a Blockchain

| Wolfie Zhao

Australia's New South Wales government is turning to blockchain for a state-wide test of a driver license digitization program slated for November.

Health technology

IBM Makes Another Blockchain Identity Play With Health Data App

| Ian Allison

IBM is working with, whose Android and IOS mobile app gives users a title of ownership, akin to a property deed, for their personal data.

How to Make Public Blockchains Safe for Enterprise Use

| Paul Brody

In order to make public networks secure enough for enterprise use, two key things must happen, says EY's Paul Brody.

civic, vinny, lingham

Civic to Spend $43 Million In Tokens to Boost User Numbers

| Brady Dale

Civic needs a network of users, so it's offering free KYC for business partners and funding the effort with its reserve of tokens.

Capital One Seeks Blockchain Patent for ‘Collaborative’ Authentication Tool

| Christine Kim

In a patent filing released Thursday, Capital One set out a blockchain system its says allows secure user authentication across multiple platforms.

Hitachi Trials Blockchain to Settle Retail Payments Using Just Fingers

| Wolfie Zhao

Tech conglomerate Hitachi and teleco giant KDDI are piloting a blockchain payments system that can identify shoppers via their fingers alone.

South Korean Telecoms Giant KT Has Built Its Own Blockchain

| Wolfie Zhao

The second largest mobile carrier in South Korea has launched its own blockchain network and aims to apply the tech across several sectors.