R3: Biggest-Ever Blockchain Trial is Only the Beginning

| Pete Rizzo

R3 managing director Tim Grant discusses his startup's biggest test yet and why it's only just getting started with its collaborative consortium work.

Mizuho Trials Blockchain for Cross-Border Payments

| Stan Higgins

Mizuho has announced that it recently completed a test involving bitcoin that focused on cross-border securities settlement.

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70% of Financial Institutions Believe Blockchain Will Be Good for Business

| Pete Rizzo

So much for disruption? A new survey says 70% of financial institutions believe blockchain will positively impact their business.


KPMG: Blockchain Could Be ‘Antidote’ to High Cost of Regulation

| Pete Rizzo

CoinDesk speaks to 'Big Four' financial firm KPMG about its blockchain strategy and theses on the current industry market.

The Case for Ripple in the Age of Big Bank Blockchains

| Pete Rizzo

CoinDesk profiles distributed ledger startup Ripple's recent market strategy for XRP, the digital asset, in the face of new competitors.


ISITC: Majority of Securities Firms Plan to Explore Blockchain This Year

| Daniel Palmer

A new survey has revealed that the current buzz around blockchains is driving a focus on technological investment within the financial sector.


Bank of America Latest to Conduct Blockchain Trade Finance Trial

| Pete Rizzo

Bank of America has revealed it is working on a blockchain-based trial centered on trade finance.

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Royal Bank of Canada Reveals Blockchain Trial With Ripple

| Pete Rizzo

Royal Bank of Canada has revealed it is working on a new proof of concept for distributed ledger-based remittances.

blythe masters

Blythe Masters: Wall Street Has Advantage Over Blockchain Startups

| Jacob Donnelly

Digital Asset Holdings CEO Blythe Masters discussed the business potential of blockchain tech at an event hosted by PwC this week.


Dwolla is Back, But Focused on Blockchain, Not Bitcoin

| Bailey Reutzel

CoinDesk speaks to Dwolla about its hiatus from the bitcoin space and why it's now interested in blockchain business applications