India Considers New Tax on Cryptocurrency Trades

| Sujha Sundararajan

India could soon impose goods and services tax (GST) on many digital currency transactions, a report indicates.

Arizona Lawmakers Strip Crypto Mentions From Tax Payments Bill

| Nikhilesh De

Arizona Senate Bill 1091 has been passed by the House and Senate - but no longer mentions cryptocurrencies anywhere.

‘Belligerent’ Crypto Miners Prompt Power Utility to Beef Up Security

| Nikhilesh De

Chelan County's Public Utilities District is enacting new security measures to protect employees from bitcoin miners.

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Arizona’s Bid to Accept Crypto for Taxes Suffers Setback

| Nikhilesh De

Arizona's crypto tax bill no longer enables the Department of Revenue to collect taxes in cryptocurrency, but rather directs it to conduct a study.

France Is Cutting the Tax Rate for Retail Crypto Traders

| Daniel Palmer

France is about to offer relief to amateur cryptocurrency investors, after a ruling by the country's Council of State.

Arizona’s Crypto Tax Payments Bill Clears Hurdle

| Nikhilesh De

Arizona's revamped cryptocurrency tax bill was approved by a key committee on Monday.

Crypto Hedge Funds Face Tough Choices on Tax Day

| Jon Brose and Brett Cotler

Like elsewhere in crypto taxation, the rules for funds are far from straightforward, and discrepancies may lead to non-intuitive outcomes.

Why the IRS Should Treat Crypto as a New Asset Class

| Zac McClure

Tax pros in the cryptocurrency space are applying a hodgepodge of rules that historically have been applied to stocks, bonds and various other assets.

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What If You Can’t Pay Taxes on Your Crypto Gains?

| Kirk Phillips

Crypto holders willing to take a risk can file an extension, pay their taxes in installments with penalties and interest, and possibly come out ahead.

Crypto Tax Dodgers Are Tempting Fate

| Mark Gladden

The ways governments tax cryptocurrency users may be unjust and due for reform, but simply ignoring the law for this reason is a dicey…