California State Capitol

California’s Bitcoin Bill Shelved by State Senator

| Yessi Bello Perez

California's AB-1326 bill, which attempted to regulate virtual currency businesses, has been made inactive at the request of a state senator.

paperwork, regulation

US State Bank Supervisors Publish Final Model Regulation

| Stan Higgins

The Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) has released the final version of its model regulatory framework for digital currencies.

derivative, trading

CFTC Grants Temporary Approval to Bitcoin Startup LedgerX

| Stan Higgins

LedgerX has received temporary approval from the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission to act as a swap execution facility.


Bitcoin Group Makes Third Attempt to IPO in Australia

| Grace Caffyn

Bitcoin Group is to make its third attempt to IPO this November, following two stop orders from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Tax man

Why Bitcoin Creates a Voluntary Tax System

| Travis Patron

Travis Patron explains why our notion of taxation is ripe for disruption, and why cryptocurrency is already liable for taxation by default.


Why the Future of Bitcoin Lies in Europe

| Chris Grundy

Europe's bitcoin companies explain why they think the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology lies in their continent, not the US.

Alex Millar

Election Hopeful Wants Canada to Recognise Bitcoin as Currency

| Grace Caffyn

A candidate running in Canada's upcoming federal election says he wants to give bitcoin an equal footing with the dollar.


Proposed California Bitcoin Bill Adds New Reporting Requirements

| Stan Higgins

The California Senate Appropriations Committee has voted 6-1 to advance a bill that would create a licensing regime for bitcoin companies.

OKCoin Restricts Bitcoin Deposits for US Customers

| Stan Higgins

OKCoin has stopped accepting bitcoin deposits from customers in the US, citing regulatory pressure.

money concept

Research Examines Blockchain Securities Under US Commercial Law

| Pete Rizzo

Cryptosecurities may not be subject to commercial transactions law under the US Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), according to new research.