Bitcoin Vigil Guards Against Intrusion and Coin Theft

| Daniel Cawrey

A new project uses bitcoin wallets to detect computer malware and intruders' attempts to steal coins.

Square peg round hole

Why Know-Your-Customer Rules Won’t Work With Bitcoin

| Ariel Deschapell

Know Your Customer rules exemplify why moulding bitcoin into the current regulatory framework won't work, argues Ariel Deschapell.

Cyprus Issues Arrest Warrant for Neo & Bee CEO Danny Brewster

| Stan Higgins

A warrant for the arrest of Neo & Bee CEO Danny Brewster has been issued in Cyprus.

Study: Bitcoin Wallet Attacks Rose Sharply in 2013

| Stan Higgins

New data from cybersecurity firm Kapersky Labs shows a sharp increase in bitcoin-related malware attacks occurred in 2013.


Lawyers Want Bitcoin Money Laundering Charges Dropped on Technicality

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

Lawyers representing two Florida men charged with bitcoin-related money laundering want to have the charges dropped on a technicality.

Eric Holder, US Attorney General

US Attorney General Eric Holder Keeping an Eye on Bitcoin

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

US Attorney General Eric Holder believes bitcoin criminals pose a new set of challenges for law enforcement.


Bitcoin Regulation Roundup: Rumours, Court Cases and Taxing Times

| Jason Tyra

Jason Tyra examines the most significant bitcoin news from the world’s regulators and law courts.


Neo & Bee CEO Danny Brewster Faces Fraud Allegations in Cyprus

| Nermin Hajdarbegovic

Two Neo & Bee customers have made official complaints of fraud against the Cyprus-based company, reports say.


Bulgarian Bitcoin Tax Guidance May Leave Money-Laundering Loophole

| Pete Rizzo

Bulgaria has announced it will tax digital currencies as income, but some have concerns over documentation requirements.

CrowdCurity ‘Capture the Coin’ Contest Rewards Bug Finders With Bitcoin

| Daniel Cawrey

The novel bug-finding scheme rewards security researchers for locating private bitcoin keys hidden within a website.