Ukrainian Railways Branch Caught Mining Crypto With State Power

| Daniel Palmer

The Lviv branch of Ukrainian Railways has been caught red-handed diverting company electricity to mine bitcoin.

OneCoin Founder’s Brother Faces 90-Year Jail Term After Plea Deal

| William Foxley

The brother of OneCoin's infamous "Cryptoqueen," Konstantin Ignatov has reached a plea deal with U.S. authorities.

FBI Director: Cryptocurrency Is ‘Significant Issue’ for Law Enforcement

| William Foxley

Christoper Wray said crypto is becoming a "bigger and bigger" issue for the agency in a Senate hearing with Mitt Romney.


Silk Road Seller Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering $19 Million With Bitcoin

| Danny Nelson

Brian Haney, a former narcotics trafficker, pled guilty to charges that he laundered $19 million in bitcoin on Silk Road.

North Korea Set Up a Blockchain Firm to Launder Crypto to Cash: UN

| William Foxley

North Korea set up a Hong Kong blockchain firm in a bid to to launder stolen cryptocurrency and avoid sanctions, the UN has reportedly said.

ATM Coin Founders Ordered to Pay $4.25 Million for Fraud

| William Foxley

A U.S. court fined the team and firms behind ATM Coin for fraud and misappropriation of client funds in a case brought by the CFTC.

Bittrex Target of Latest $1 Million Crypto SIM Hack Lawsuit

| Danny Nelson

Gregg Bennett had never heard of SIM swapping before. Then, one night in April, he learned in the worst way one can.

Reggie Middleton Reaches $9.5 Million SEC Settlement Over Alleged ICO Fraud

| David Pan

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has reached a $9.5 million settlement stemming from the Veritaseum initial coin offering.

Chinese Official Warns Libra Could Abet Illegal Cross-Border Transfers

| Daniel Kuhn

Libra must abide by international foreign exchange regulations to not enable illegal transfers or “it should be banned,” a senior Chinese…

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AT&T Responds to Crypto Exec’s SIM Swap Suit: See You in Court

| Danny Nelson

The loss highlights an obvious question for security experts, who wondered why an experienced crypto executive would keep such high sums online.