Often referred to as the ‘Wild West of finance’, various scams, hacks and other crimes have been exposed and reported in the bitcoin world. Here you’ll find the latest news on the darker side of cryptocurrency.

DeepDotWeb Defendants Used Bitcoin to Hide Criminal Proceeds, Say Feds

| John Biggs

U.S. authorities formally charged the alleged moderators of DeepDotWeb with money laundering and other crimes.

FBI Seizes Popular Dark Market Search Site DeepDotWeb for Money Laundering

| John Biggs

The FBI has seized DeepDotWeb, a comparison search system and news site for dark web markets, for alleged money laundering.

FTC Sues Smart Backpack Crowdfunder Who Spent Proceeds On Bitcoin

| John Biggs

The Federal Trade Commission is suing a crowdfunder who promised a smart backpack but instead spent the proceeds on bitcoin.

Crypto Crime Blotter: Scammers Dupe Jersey Island Man Out of £1.2 million, Backpage Laundered Cash With Crypto

| John Biggs

Did Backpage launder cash through crypto? What happened to three Germans on the DarkWeb? This week's Crypto Crime Blotter.

Blockchain Analysis Links Hamas Fundraising to Coinbase Bitcoin Account

| Leigh Cuen

Hamas is soliciting bitcoin donations for its military operations, but so far has only garnered a few thousand dollars.

New Crypto Mining Malware Seen to ‘Evolve,’ Say Researchers

| Yogita Khatri

Researchers at cybersecurity firm Check Point say a relatively new form of crypto mining malware, dubbed KingMiner, is “evolving.”

UK’s National Health Service Hit in Global Ransomware Wave

| Stan Higgins

Multiple outlets are reporting a wave of ransomware attacks affecting the UK’s National Health Service as well as other firms throughout the world.

Ex-FBI Chief: Virtual Currencies Hinder Criminal Investigations

| Stan Higgins

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's work is being hampered by the criminal use of virtual currencies.

UN Agency Launches Cryptocurrency Cybercrime Training

| Stan Higgins

The United Nations agency dedicated to fighting drug trafficking and organized crime has developed a new cryptocurrency training program.

More German Prosecutors Join OneCoin Investigations

| Stan Higgins

Regional prosecutors in Germany are investigating a payment processor connected to OneCoin.