Often referred to as the ‘Wild West of finance’, various scams, hacks and other crimes have been exposed and reported in the bitcoin world. Here you’ll find the latest news on the darker side of cryptocurrency.

UK’s National Health Service Hit in Global Ransomware Wave

| Stan Higgins

Multiple outlets are reporting a wave of ransomware attacks affecting the UK’s National Health Service as well as other firms throughout the world.

Ex-FBI Chief: Virtual Currencies Hinder Criminal Investigations

| Stan Higgins

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's work is being hampered by the criminal use of virtual currencies.

UN Agency Launches Cryptocurrency Cybercrime Training

| Stan Higgins

The United Nations agency dedicated to fighting drug trafficking and organized crime has developed a new cryptocurrency training program.

More German Prosecutors Join OneCoin Investigations

| Stan Higgins

Regional prosecutors in Germany are investigating a payment processor connected to OneCoin.

Hungary’s Central Bank Organizes Task Force Against OneCoin

| Stan Higgins

Hungary's government has set its sights on OneCoin, a digital currency investment scheme widely believed to be fraudulent.

Litecoin Mining Pool Disappears, Stoking Fears of Fraud

| Stan Higgins

A litecoin mining pool seemingly pulled the plug over the weekend, stoking accusations of theft and fraud.

Justice statue

LocalBitcoins User Pleads Guilty After Undercover Sting

| Stan Higgins

A Local Bitcoins seller based in Missouri has plead guilty to running an unlicensed money transmission business.

German Regulators Order OneCoin to ‘Dismantle Trading System’

| Stan Higgins

Germany is stepping up its ongoing crackdown on OneCoin, a digital currency investment scheme widely believed to be fraudulent.

Zebpay Aids Indian Police After Bank Thieves Buy Bitcoin

| Stan Higgins

Indian bitcoin exchange Zebpay has had its bank account unfrozen following a state investigation into a bank hack, the startup said today.


India is Cracking Down on OneCoin

| Stan Higgins

Reports are emerging that authorities in India are undertaking a broad crackdown on OneCoin.