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William McCanless has been a full-time writer for six years after he dropped out of school due to reading way too much Beat literature. Since then, he has written for a ridiculous myriad of publications and individuals on a plethora of subjects -- the sheer amount and diversity of which has earned him the much appreciated title of "High Class Literary Prostitute." When William isn't staving off the constant threat of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, he can be found training MMA at the gym or talking to his dogs like they're actual people.

Soon-to-wed couple to live on bitcoins for 90 days

| William McCanless

Newlyweds Austin and Beccy Craig have decided to live solely off bitcoins for 90 days and make a documentary in the process.

8 Bitcoin trading personalities: Which one are you?

| William McCanless

With the recent flash crash of Bitcoin, it's important to know more about the mentality of Bitcoin traders so you can make smarter decisions.

BTC Global logo

End of Mt.Gox, future of BTC exchanges? An interview with BTC Global’s Steven Morrell

| William McCanless

Steven Morrell of BTC Global talks about the future of Bitcoin exchanges in the United States and abroad, as well as what a Bitcoin world looks like.

Apple to create virtual currency ‘iMoney’

| William McCanless

Apple has filed a patent for 'iMoney' a new virtual currency and wallet, while at the same time refusing to allow any apps for Bitcoin users.

Beware of Mt.Gox Scam Sites

| William McCanless

A recent slew of phishing sites and advertising has been tricking users into signing up for fake Mt.Gox scam sites. Find out what to look out for.

Butterfly Labs launches new charity while still behind on shipments

| William McCanless

Butterfly Labs announced they have started a charity to help the Bitcoin community, but everybody just wants to know when they will finally get their…

Butterfly Labs Jalapeno miners

Butterfly Labs finally ships out last year’s Jalapeno orders

| William McCanless

Butterfly Labs announced today that they are finally shipping out last year's Jalapeno ASIC mines. They say that all backlogged orders will be in by…

Spend your bitcoins! More shops now accept BTC

| William McCanless

With new online retailers like Bitfash accepting Bitcoin for popular, high-end fashion retailers, it's time for people to stop hoarding, and start…

BitAngels interview with David Johnston — The next bitcoin startups

| William McCanless

David Johnston, Executive Director of BitAngels, talks about the next big Bitcoin startups that are up for funding.

Feds Shut Down Bitcoin (And Other Stupid Headlines)

| William McCanless

Mainstream media would have you believe that Bitcoin is under constant threat of shut down. Find out why that's completely absurd.