Stan Higgins

A member of CoinDesk's full-time Editorial Staff since 2014, Stan has long been at the forefront of covering emerging developments in blockchain technology. Stan has previously contributed to financial websites, and is an avid reader of poetry. Stan currently owns a small amount (<$500) worth of BTC, ENG and XTZ (See: Editorial Policy).

IRS Says It’s Sending Warning Letters to US Cryptocurrency Owners

| Stan Higgins

The IRS has begun contacting U.S. taxpayers, warning them about possible back taxes owed on their crypto holdings.

US Election Authority Set to Approve Congressional Candidate’s Plan to Issue Ethereum Token

| Stan Higgins

A candidate for Congress wants to reward campaign volunteers and participants with an ethereum-based token. FEC officials are set to give their…

‘Billions’ May Be Saved By Tokens Backed With Central Bank Money: BoE Chief

| Stan Higgins

Bank of England governor Mark Carney spoke positively about the Utility Settlement Coin project, now dubbed Fnality, during a appearance Thursday.

u.s. capitol house senate midterms

Senate Banking Committee Schedules July Hearing on Facebook’s Libra Crypto

| Stan Higgins and Nikhilesh De

The U.S. Senate Banking Committee will hold a hearing next month on Facebook's new cryptocurrency, Libra.

Facebook Talked to the Fed About Libra, Chairman Powell Says

| Stan Higgins

Fed chair Jerome Powell was asked about Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency during a press conference Wednesday.

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EU Authorities Shut Down Bitcoin Transaction Mixer

| Stan Higgins

A bitcoin transaction mixer has been seized and shut down by authorities in the European Union.

Two Charged With Running ‘Shadow Banking’ Service for Crypto Exchanges

| Stan Higgins

The U.S. government has sued two individuals in connection with a scheme to provide "shadow banking" services to unregulated crypto exchanges.

Ether Thief Found Stealing Funds With Weak Private Keys

| Stan Higgins

A security consultancy found that an unknown person or group has been undertaking a sophisticated scheme to steal ether from weakly-protected…

Blockchain Startup Filament Joins IoT Research Project Backed By Nevada

| Stan Higgins

Filament, a blockchain hardware startup, is now working on the University of Nevada, Reno's autonomous vehicle project.

Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Calls for ‘Clear Guidelines’ on Crypto

| Stan Higgins

U.S. presidential hopeful Andrew Yang has laid out his campaign's policy position on cryptocurrencies.