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Bitcoin Futures Now Trading At Discount to Exchange Prices

| Sam Ouimet and Omkar Godbole

Bitcoin futures are trading below the cryptocurrency's spot price, signaling market participants have a bearish outlook on bitcoin over the coming…

Bitcoin Price Tumbles 10% as Crypto Markets Flash Red

| Sam Ouimet

The price of bitcoin fell more than 10 percent during Thursday's trading session as it erased much of its recent gains.

Bullish Sentiment for Bitcoin Is at a 5-Month High

| Sam Ouimet

The difference between long and short positions placed on bitcoin is at its highest level since Aug. 5.

Ether Markets Are Mimicking Bitcoin’s 2015 Price Bottom

| Sam Ouimet

Ether's bitcoin market (ETH/BTC) is mimicking the structure of bitcoin's bear market bottom in 2015, leaving some to wonder if a long term bottom is…

Ethereum Classic’s Price Stumbles Amid Suspected 51% Attack

| Sam Ouimet

The price of ethereum classic is pulling back as a result of a recently reported attack that resulted in a series of blockchain history rewrites.

Down More than 70% in 2018, Bitcoin Closes Its Worst Year on Record

| Sam Ouimet

Bitcoin's price just finished its worst performing year ever, closing 2018 at a more than 70 percent lower price than its yearly open.

Bitcoin Price Suddenly Spikes $300 to Avoid Retest of 2018 Low

| Sam Ouimet

A bullish reversal pattern has emerged on bitcoin's price charts that could extend the latest rally towards $5,000.

One Month Later, Which Crypto Is Winning the Bitcoin Cash Split?

| Sam Ouimet

After a month of wild volatility and 'hash wars,' the public still has yet to pick a clear favorite out of the two new bitcoin cash forks.

Panic Mode? What a Wall Street Chart Tells Us About Bitcoin’s Price

| Sam Ouimet, Sebastian Sinclair and Omkar Godbole

Hope, euphoria or panic? What the “Wall Street Cheat Sheet” can tell us about the current state of the bitcoin market.

Bitcoin’s Share of the Crypto Market Is Nearing a 3-Month High

| Sam Ouimet

Bitcoin's share in the cryptocurrency market reached an 11-week high late last week.