Sid Kalla

Sid Kalla is chief technology officer at cross-border FinTech firm Acupay, and a freelance journalist specializing in financial technology, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He has invested in blockchain projects including bitcoin, Maidsafecoin, Counterparty and BitShares (See: Editorial Policy).

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To the Moon? Blockchain’s Hiring Crunch Could Last Years

| Sid Kalla

The world may be buzzing about blockchain and its recent influx of ICO-based capital, but a lack of skilled developers threatens to hold up growth.

How Cashaa Exploits Bitcoin Price Differentials for Remittances

| Sid Kalla

Who said bitcoin's volatility is bad? A new remittance service is showing how price differentials could power cheap money transfers.

A Framework for Valuing Crypto Tokens

| Sid Kalla

Acupay CTO Sid Kalla provides an in-depth guide for those considering investing in an initial coin offering or ICO.


IoT Meets NFC In Zerado’s New Blockchain Prototype

| Sid Kalla

If entrepreneurs at this London blockchain startup are right, hotels of the future could one day feature IoT-powered room access.

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Nasdaq Sees Low Hanging Fruit in Blockchain Post-Trade

| Sid Kalla

Stock exchange giant Nasdaq discussed its vision for blockchain post-trade at an event in the UK last week.

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Could Bitcoin Be the Future of Blockchain Post Trade?

| Sid Kalla

Conventional thinking about blockchain technology's use in stock markets may be wrong, according to one academic.

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Bitcoin Defender Speaks Out at London Blockchain Event

| Sid Kalla

Simon Dixon, CEO of BnktotheFuture, lays out his vision for blockchain startups and makes the case for bitcoin.

Why the Buy-Side Should Get Off the Blockchain Sidelines

| Sid Kalla

In a new Op-Ed, CoinDesk contributor Sid Kalla discusses opportunities for buy-side firms in the blockchain industry.

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CME Exec: Bitcoin ETFs Signal Digital Asset Maturity

| Sid Kalla

A CME exec this week spoke about how she believes forthcoming bitcoin ETFs are a sign the digital asset market is maturing.

London Workshop Explores Blockchain Identity in Finance

| Sid Kalla

The Identity & KYC conference in London hosted a workshop on using blockchain technology to improve know-your-customer processes earlier this week.