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Ryan is CoinDesk former Managing Director, the former Director of Investments at Digital Currency Group, and a former CoinDesk contributor. His opinion pieces are occasionally posted on CoinDesk, and his work has also appeared in Investopedia and his daily email newsletter, TBI's Daily Bit. Ryan has vested restricted stock units in Digital Currency Group, which owns CoinDesk and has invested in 70+ blockchain and digital currency startups. He has also invested in bitcoin, ethereum, ethereum classic and XRP (See: Editorial Policy). Follow Ryan: @twobitidiot.

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5 Big Questions for Bitcoin in 2016

| Ryan Selkis

Ryan Selkis of CoinDesk and Digital Currency Group asks 5 big questions of bitcoin for 2016.


Leaked Mt. Gox Document Linked to Consulting Firm Mandalah

| Ryan Selkis

Sources claim a junior staffer was responsible for publishing the exchange's 27-page business plan.

PayPal Likes Digital Currencies? Yawn

| Ryan Selkis

Paypal is the pioneer in digital payments – of course it isn't going to ignore the rise of bitcoin.

Ben Lawsky

Ben Lawsky: Friend or Foe?

| Ryan Selkis

We take an in-depth look at Benjamin Lawsky, the man and his record, to predict his future regulation.

Roger Ver bitcoin donation

Roger Ver on Blockchain’s Past, Present and Future

| Ryan Selkis

Roger Ver talks about his company Blockchain, dealing with regulators and the two types of bitcoin companies.

MIT Club Hosts Largest-Ever Student Bitcoin Event

| Ryan Selkis

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire gave a presentation on bitcoin to a full house at MIT on Tuesday night.

Bitcoin volatility

Why Bitcoin’s Volatility Problem May Soon Be Solved

| Ryan Selkis

What bitcoin needs is a way to separate its role as currency from its role as speculative investment.


Fits and Startups

| Ryan Selkis

We don't need Apple, we need investors. Here's why bitcoin's best story got buried yesterday.

Charlie Shrem

Of Mice and Shrem

| Ryan Selkis

How the Bitcoin Foundation managed the fallout from Charlie Shrem's arrest.

Ten People You Meet in Bitcoin

| Ryan Selkis

It's not just celebrities and high-flyers, but the everyday people you meet in bitcoin who make the scene tick.