Richard Boase

Richard Boase is a freelance writer and PR consultant who got his degree in Multimedia in Brighton before studying for an MA in Journalism at the University of Kingston. He has a keen interest in social media and publicity, worked as a creative director for a marketing and publicity company in Tokyo and as a commercial editor and film-maker in Paris. His interest in bitcoin began in June 2012 and he has written for Cybersalon, the Independent and Press Gazette amongst others.

Swarm Logo

How Swarm Plans to Become the Facebook of Crowdfunding

| Richard Boase

The world's first decentralized crowdfunding platform should provide a simple way to create cryptographic shares in new companies.


The Economics of Trust: Bob Geldof, Aid and Remittance

| Richard Boase

Bob Geldof has claimed bitcoin 'won't work', here's why he's wrong.

Elsa Hammond Bitcoin Sponsors British Woman In Solo Row Across Pacific

| Richard Boase

In June 2014, Elsa Hammond will attempt to row across the Pacific Ocean, sponsored by a Bitcoin company.

australia bitcoin

The Australian Bitcoin Association Opens its Doors

| Richard Boase

The Australian Bitcoin Association is officially accepting members, having completed the process of becoming a fully-fledged legal entity.

10 Bitcoin Startups to Benefit from Crowdfunding Initiative

| Richard Boase

Simon Dixon and Max Keiser are joining forces to help launch 10 non-competing bitcoin startups on crowdfunding platform

Is Europe’s Second Largest Bitcoin Exchange BTC-e Having Banking Issues?

| Richard Boase

Concerned voices are being raised about BTC-e which handles as much as 30,000 BTC in trade volume daily.

feathercoin Bittylicious

UK Bitcoin-Buying Service Bittylicious Adds Feathercoin

| Richard Boase

Bittylicious, a UK platform that supplies buyers with bitcoins at a premium price, will sell feathercoins in December.

BitPesa Uses Bitcoin to Slash Kenyan Remittance Costs

| Richard Boase

A new Kenyan company plans to use bitcoin, targeting the country's $1.17bn annual remittance market.

Bitstamp Shows Higher Bitcoin Price Than Mt. Gox

| Richard Boase

The price of bitcoin on Bitstamp has increased to above the level listed on Mt. Gox.

Will Cryptoauction Become the ‘New eBay of Bitcoin’?

| Richard Boase

Aiming to be the new eBay of the bitcoin world, Cryptoauction launches at the end of the month.