Rachel Rose O'Leary

Rachel-Rose O'Leary is a writer specializing in ethereum, with an interest in privacy technologies. She is a director at Multidisciplinary Academic Grants in Cryptocurrencies (MAGIC), a US-based charitable organization focused on privacy infrastructure for the public good. Her background is in philosophy and digital arts, and she is a one-time web3.js contributor. She holds value in bitcoin and has previously held value in zcash See: Editorial Policy.

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Ethereum’s Next Hard Fork Is Now Officially Being Tested

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

The testing of a forthcoming ethereum upgrade is now underway, with the process expected to last up to three weeks.

Proof of Space: BitTorrent Creator Publishes Eco-Friendly Mining Paper

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

BitTorrent developer Bram Cohen has published a white paper setting out an eco-friendly alternative to bitcoin's proof-of-work process.


MUFG on Dimon Remarks: Bank Cryptocurrencies Have ‘Nothing to Do With Bitcoin’

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

The CEO of Japanese finance group MUFG said today that big bank-issued digital currencies aren't quite the same as bitcoin.

‘End of Life Cycle’: BIS Report Positions DLT as Needed Banking Update

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Distributed ledgers could help update aging central banking systems, says a new report, but issuing cryptocurrencies will be a more complex affair.

Floyd Mayweather Stumps for Crypto Credit Card in Latest ICO Promotion

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Floyd Mayweather is stepping up his support of cryptocurrencies, promoting his third initial coin offering (ICO) in the past month.

Geth Releases Software Update Ahead of Ethereum ‘Byzantium’ Hard Fork

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

A new version of Geth, a command-line interface for running ethereum nodes, includes changes that could see the software running at far higher speeds.

Yunbi Bitcoin Exchange Latest to Close in China Crackdown

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

China-based cryptocurrency exchange Yunbi has announced the closure of its trading operations in the midst of a wider crackdown within the country.

Moolah Exchange Founder Denies Fraud Charges in First Court Hearing

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

The trial of Ryan Kennedy, the controversial founder of the now-defunct dogecoin exchange Moolah, began in a UK court this week.

Chinese Bitcoin Exchange ViaBTC to Close Amid Regulatory Crackdown

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

Chinese bitcoin exchange ViaBTC has announced it will be closing its website at the end of September – the second exchange in as many days to do so.

IT Consultancy Wipro Joins Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium

| Rachel Rose O'Leary

India-based IT services and consultancy firm Wipro has joined Hyperledger, the Linux Foundation-led consortium building blockchains for enterprises.