Paul Brody

Paul Brody is EY's global innovation leader for blockchain.

Falling Crypto Prices Aren’t Stopping Real Blockchain Progress

| Paul Brody

ICO-related drama overshadowed blockchain tech's enormous progress in 2018, writes EY's Paul Brody.

Why Blockchains Struggle to Gain Traction in Enterprises

| Paul Brody

Existing systems work well enough and are scary to replace, so the path to blockchain adoption will be one problem at a time, says EY's Paul Brody.

How to Make Public Blockchains Safe for Enterprise Use

| Paul Brody

In order to make public networks secure enough for enterprise use, two key things must happen, says EY's Paul Brody.

Fiat Currencies Are About to Become Essential to Public Blockchains

| Paul Brody

If we want blockchains to deliver upon their promise, we must be able to transact using traditional fiat currencies, EY's blockchain lead writes.

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Why Companies Need to Get on the Tokenization Train

| Paul Brody

EY's blockchain lead makes the case for enterprises to embrace tokenization and move away from simply treating blockchains like fancy notaries.

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Not Sold On Blockchains for Business? Just You Wait

| Paul Brody

The seemingly banal enterprise applications for blockchain we're seeing, like food traceability, are actually a big deal and worth celebrating.

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The Age of Endless Blockchain Forks Is Coming to an End

| Paul Brody

Real-world assets will force a change in blockchain governance, writes EY's Paul Brody. Forks will still be possible, but will attract fewer users.

Public Blockchains’ Lure Will Become Irresistible for Enterprises in 2018

| Paul Brody

Decentralized public blockchains are the only way enterprises will commit to digitizing services in an interoperable manner, says EY's Paul Brody.