Noelle Acheson

Tokenized Securities: Curb Your Enthusiasm

| Noelle Acheson

Tokenized securities hold promise, but we shouldn't overlook how hard it is to spin up new markets.

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Why the CFTC’s Questions About Ethereum Matter

| Noelle Acheson

The questions on ethereum the CFTC put to the public show that the regulator has been considering derivatives on cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin…

Coinbase and the Awkwardness of Growing Up

| Noelle Acheson

Coinbase's reveal of 31 tokens it's considering listing sparked a flurry of controversy. The strategy makes business sense, but the communication…

The SEC’s Recent Rulings Are More About Exchanges Than ICOs

| Noelle Acheson

The SEC's focus on crypto exchanges may disrupt some business models, add compliance and paperwork costs, and perhaps trigger a sector concentration.

Bitmain Is Going Public, But What Type of Investment Is It Anyway?

| Noelle Acheson

The difference with Bitmain going public is the investor exposure to cryptocurrencies. And that's where things get complicated...

commerzbank, banking

How Commerzbank Is Throwing Out the Business Blockchain Playbook

| Noelle Acheson

The German bank is building on five different blockchains, and not just to hedge its bets – it sees a multi-chain future.

trade, finance

How Blockchain Trade Finance Is Breaking Proof-of-Concept Gridlock

| Noelle Acheson

After years of tests and concepts, enterprise blockchain may be having a breakthrough moment, with several notable trials in trade finance advancing.

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Banks and the Blockchain Blues

| Noelle Acheson

Banks excited about their blockchain work may do well to monitor their signal-to-noise ratios in 2018.

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The Threat of Bitcoin Futures

| Noelle Acheson

Should the prospect of regulated futures trading be pushing up the bitcoin price? CoinDesk's Noelle Acheson isn't quite so sure.

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BTC to DLT: Why Aren’t Banks Giving Blockchain Startups Accounts?

| Noelle Acheson

A recent report by the FCA recognized that cryptocurrency startups have a hard time getting bank accounts. CoinDesk's Noelle Acheson looks at why.