Noelle Acheson

Bitcoin’s Surging Dominance – Is This Time Really Different?

| Noelle Acheson

Bitcoin's share of the total crypto market is rising rapidly, but is that necessarily good news for the sector?

Derivatives Drama: The Unintended Consequences of Crypto Regulation

| Noelle Acheson

Noelle Acheson points out that the LedgerX confusion highlights potential CFTC priorities regarding the regulation of crypto derivatives that could…

bitcoin, shine

Bitcoin Won’t Be a Global Reserve Currency. But It’s Opening the Box

| Noelle Acheson

Bitcoin will not become a global reserve currency, argues Noelle Acheson. But it is adding a powerful tool to the box of potential solutions.

donald, trump

Could Donald Trump Ban Bitcoin?

| Noelle Acheson

He can try, argues Noelle Acheson – but the risk he might succeed is outweighed by the benefits of the heightened conversation.

Libra Isn’t a Cryptocurrency. It’s a Glimpse of a New Asset Class

| Noelle Acheson

Noelle Acheson argues that Libra is not a cryptocurrency, it’s a security. That in itself is a huge innovation, and perhaps a glimpse of what is…

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Justin Sun’s Crypto Lunch with Warren Buffett Is Genius Marketing at Work

| Noelle Acheson

Justin Sun’s upcoming lunch with Warren Buffett is a genius marketing play that can only help the cryptocurrency sector, writes Noelle Acheson.

The Speed Dreams of Security Tokens

| Noelle Acheson

Security tokens may have many potential advantages over traditional assets – but speed is not one of them, argues Noelle Acheson.

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Who Has the Power, Retail or Institutional Investors?

| Noelle Acheson

The institutional and retail crypto markets are much more intertwined than we realize, argues Noelle Acheson, and each needs the other to hit scale.

Crypto Funds, Lending and Market Manipulation

| Noelle Acheson

The growing practice of asset lending by crypto hedge funds could add systemic risk to the sector if we are not vigilant, argues Noelle Acheson.

When the Dust Settles: The Bitfinex Probe Reveals Structural Weaknesses

| Noelle Acheson

The Bitfinex probe highlights not just the lack of reliable banking, but also – somewhat overlooked – the lack of auditing services, says Noelle…