Noelle Acheson

What Bitcoin’s Valuation Says About Its Volatility

| Noelle Acheson

Noelle Acheson argues that bitcoin’s volatility is intrinsic and is unlikely to diminish with increased liquidity – and that’s not a bad thing.

The Crypto Custody Conundrum: What Are We Even Talking About?

| Noelle Acheson

New tech usually struggles with vocabulary, says Noelle Acheson. With bitcoin, the confusion rubs off integral concepts in securities legislation.

Bitcoin’s Surging Dominance – Is This Time Really Different?

| Noelle Acheson

Bitcoin's share of the total crypto market is rising rapidly, but is that necessarily good news for the sector?

Derivatives Drama: The Unintended Consequences of Crypto Regulation

| Noelle Acheson

Noelle Acheson points out that the LedgerX confusion highlights potential CFTC priorities regarding the regulation of crypto derivatives that could…

bitcoin, shine

Bitcoin Won’t Be a Global Reserve Currency. But It’s Opening the Box

| Noelle Acheson

Bitcoin will not become a global reserve currency, argues Noelle Acheson. But it is adding a powerful tool to the box of potential solutions.

donald, trump

Could Donald Trump Ban Bitcoin?

| Noelle Acheson

He can try, argues Noelle Acheson – but the risk he might succeed is outweighed by the benefits of the heightened conversation.

Libra Isn’t a Cryptocurrency. It’s a Glimpse of a New Asset Class

| Noelle Acheson

Noelle Acheson argues that Libra is not a cryptocurrency, it’s a security. That in itself is a huge innovation, and perhaps a glimpse of what is…

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Justin Sun’s Crypto Lunch with Warren Buffett Is Genius Marketing at Work

| Noelle Acheson

Justin Sun’s upcoming lunch with Warren Buffett is a genius marketing play that can only help the cryptocurrency sector, writes Noelle Acheson.

The Speed Dreams of Security Tokens

| Noelle Acheson

Security tokens may have many potential advantages over traditional assets – but speed is not one of them, argues Noelle Acheson.

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Who Has the Power, Retail or Institutional Investors?

| Noelle Acheson

The institutional and retail crypto markets are much more intertwined than we realize, argues Noelle Acheson, and each needs the other to hit scale.