Michael Eisenberg

Michael Eisenberg is a Founding Partner at Aleph, a $140m early stage venture capital fund, which he co-founded with Eden Shochat in 2013. Michael joined Benchmark Capital as a general partner in July 2005 and continues as the partner responsible for Benchmark’s Israeli portfolio. Michael has focused on Internet investments since 1995 and has invested in and sat on the board of Israel’s leading companies and start ups, such as Shopping.com (Nasdaq SHOP, acquired by EBAY), Conduit, SeekingAlpha, Gigya, WeWork, Wix, Answers.com (Nasdaq ANSW), Tradeum (acquired: VERT), and Picturevison (acquired: EK). Michael writes a blog on Internet trends, Israeli politics and children’s issues at www.sixkidsandafulltimejob.blogspot.com and at Themarker.com (Hebrew). He is the author of the Hummus Manifesto, the seminal piece on Israel’s start up scene and need to move to open-source software. Michael also serves on the board Yeshivat Har Etzion, Israel’s largest yeshiva combining traditional Talmudic study with military service. He also serves on the Board of the Shomer Hachadash (New Guardians), an organization dedicated to engendering mutual responsibility among Israelis. Michael lectures frequently on the topics of Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship and lives in Jerusalem, Israel with his wife and eight children.