Marc Hochstein

Marc Hochstein joined CoinDesk as managing editor in September 2017 and is helping to lead the digital media startup's next phase of expansion. A veteran business journalist with more than 20 years experience covering financial services, Marc was most recently the editor-in-chief at American Banker, where he was responsible for some of the earliest mainstream news coverage of bitcoin and the innovations it later inspired. Marc has a small holding of bitcoin. (See: Editorial Policy)

Grayscale Assures Investors: Ethereum Classic Trust Funds Not at ‘Direct Risk’

| Marc Hochstein

In the wake of the 51 percent attack on ethereum classic, the manager of an investment vehicle that holds the cryptocurrency has reassured investors…

Fidelity’s Man: Can Tom Jessop Bridge Crypto and Wall Street for Good?

| Marc Hochstein

CoinDesk profiles Fidelity's Tom Jessop, who is leading the firm's effort to link the worlds of digital assets and Wall Street.

Launch of Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Market May Get Postponed Again

| Marc Hochstein

It's unlikely the CFTC will act in time for ICE to launch Bakkt as planned on Jan. 24, CoinDesk has learned.

Microsoft Is Pushing New Blockchain ID Products (But There’s Pushback, Too)

| Marc Hochstein and Anna Baydakova

Microsoft is moving to turn blockchain-based decentralized identity from a lofty aspiration into a business line, with two products in the works.

Crypto Exchange ShapeShift’s CEO Says Move to Collect IDs Was ‘Proactive’

| Marc Hochstein

Cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift's decision to require user ID wasn't forced upon it but was a preemptive step to reduce legal risks, its CEO said.

Trigger Warning: Why the 3D-Printed Gun Debate Matters to Crypto

| Marc Hochstein

No matter where you stand on guns, U.S. states' attempt to silence the publication of software files should be concerning to the blockchain community.

Bridget van Kralingen, IBM

IBM Is Helping Launch a Price-Stable Crypto With FDIC-Insured Funds

| Marc Hochstein and Ian Allison

The latest attempt to create a crypto pegged to the U.S. dollar, or stablecoin, combines 21st-century technology with an invention from the 1930s.

Robinhood’s Plan to Win the Crypto Exchange War? Kill Trading Fees

| Marc Hochstein and Christine Kim

CEO of Robinhood Markets, Vlad Tenev, explains why he thinks fee-based cryptocurrency trading will soon become a relic of the past.

hook, money

Tether Review Claims Crypto Asset Fully Backed – But There’s a Catch

| Marc Hochstein

Tether has finally produced a third-party report proclaiming that its cryptocurrency, USDT, is fully backed by U.S. dollars – with some big caveats.

augur, coin

The Record-Breaking $152 Million Battle Over the Blockchain Betting Tool Augur

| Marc Hochstein and Ada Hui

An investor and three founders have been slapped with a private cryptocurrency lawsuit centered on the ethereum decentralized application Augur.