Matthew Spoke

Matthew is leading a project at Deloitte Canada to explore the evolving industry of bitcoin and blockchain companies to see where Deloitte fits in. He is focusing on applications that could revolutionize the finance and accounting world.

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Why the Netflix Model is the Future for Enterprise Blockchain

| Matthew Spoke

Nuco's CEO looks at the hurdles encountered by enterprises adopting blockchain tech, and predicts more flexible solutions going forward.

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Blockchain: Why the ‘Big Guys’ Can’t Win

| Matthew Spoke

An industry commentator looks at moves by tech industry incumbents to capture the emerging blockchain market, and offers a warning for the future

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Has Ethereum’s Hard Fork Created a New Kind of Double Spend?

| Matthew Spoke

In a new opinion piece a former Deloitte consultant asserts the ramifications of ethereum's hard fork are a case for private blockchains.


Why The DAO Attack is Good for Ethereum

| Matthew Spoke

Nuco CEO Matt Spoke argues that this week's attack on the The DAO is, in the long-term, a good thing for the Ethereum project.


Blockchain and the Race Towards Irrelevance

| Matthew Spoke

Are financial incumbents in denial about the true impact of blockchain tech? Blockchain specialist Matthew Spoke argues the answer might be yes.

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How Blockchain Tech Will Change Auditing for Good

| Matthew Spoke

Matthew Spoke, a senior consultant at Deloitte Canada, explains why he thinks a blockchain-based audit system is the future of accounting.